Why do a motorcycle tour

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Why not just go by myself?

I have done both types of trip, travelling with my small organised tour group, or by myself – it’s both equally fun!

Wether you choose to come with me, go by yourself, or with friends old and new, it’s all equally an interesting new experience. Each will be it’s own adventure, for different reasons. Going with the more organised option, provides some added services for you, some key things which you will not need to take care of so much yourself.

Benefits of doing an organised group motorcycle tour

There are several benefits to doing an organized motorcycle tour to Eastern Europe, especially to, diverse places like Budapest.

Expert guidance: Organized motorcycle tours are typically led by experienced guides who know the area and can provide insights into the local culture, history, and attractions as well as the road type and conditions.

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MotoExplorer – teaching the local Chinese how to make good coffee at the roadside!

Stress-free planning: With an organized tour, you don’t have to worry about planning routes, booking accommodations, or arranging other activities, like how to find the nicest thermal spa in Budapest, or how to use the trams to get there easily. Everything is taken care of for you.

Group camaraderie: Riding with a group of like-minded individuals can be a great way to make new friends and share the experience of a adventure motorcycle tour.

Safety: Organized motorcycle tours often have support vehicles, so if there are any mechanical issues or accidents, you can get help quickly. In addition, the tour leaders typically have extensive knowledge of the local driving laws and road conditions, which can help keep you safe.

Access to exclusive experiences and places: Organized tours often have access to exclusive experiences or activities that would be difficult or impossible to arrange on your own.

Local knowledge: The tour guides are often locals or have extensive knowledge of the area, so they can take you to the best restaurants, scenic spots, and hidden gems.

Costs: Experienced travellers will often know where the best places are to find good quality hotels and a variety of accommodation, at reasonable prices which are fair for that region. If you factor in the value for money on hotel deals as well as the huge amount of time you can save on the planning, booking and re-confirming accommodation, letting someone else do most of that leg work for you can be quite cost effective!

Overall, an organized motorcycle tour can be a great way to experience a new destination, meet new people, and have a stress-free adventure. However, it’s important to research and choose a reputable, experienced organiser who offers the type of tour and level of service that meets your needs.

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What makes a good motorcycling adventure?

A good motorcycle adventure can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience, and there are several key elements that can make it truly great. Here are some things that can make a motorcycle adventure memorable:

Scenic routes – A good motorcycle adventure often involves riding on scenic routes with breathtaking landscapes, such as mountain roads, coastal highways, or winding countryside roads. Motorbike riders will appreciate the local knowledge for how to find these best routes, whilst avoiding to many motorway / expressway miles.

Challenging terrain – Some riders enjoy the challenge of navigating through rough terrain, such as off-road trails, dirt roads, or steep mountain passes. This can add an element of adventure and excitement to the trip.

Interesting destinations – A motorcycle adventure can be more than just riding. It can also include stops at interesting destinations along the way, such as national parks, historic landmarks, cultural attractions, or even a nice relaxing thermal Spa!

Good company – Riding with friends or like-minded people can add to the enjoyment of a motorcycle adventure. Sharing the experience with others can create lasting memories and enhance the overall experience.

Comfortable gear – Wearing comfortable and protective gear, such as a well-fitted helmet, air-vented jacket, and gloves, can help ensure safety and comfort during the ride.

Proper planning – Good planning is essential for a successful motorcycle adventure. This includes researching the route, weather conditions, and accommodations, as well as ensuring the motorcycle is in good condition and ready for the trip.

Packing & what to take – is also all part of the fun! everyone will have a tendency to overpack! I’ve travelled with hundreds of other motorbikers and overlanders and haven’t yet met anyone who sets off just carrying what they really need! Most of us like to pack extra for contingencies, or in my case I have a tendency to duplicate! From over 30 years of motorcycling and overland travel – here’s my top tips on what to take traveling by motorcycle! including how to pack light and what you really most need on overlanding road trips.

Motorcycle maintainence – preparing and maintaining bikes, is all part of the touring fun. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, for things like luggage, sat-navs, maps, seat height and comforts (I like a nice air seat nowadays, even in my van!) Which oils to use, what’s the best tool kits to carry, what safety kit should I carry in Europe etc, even down to your own preferences for touring screens, height, wind in your face or riding in a cacoon of mild alpine fresh air. Every little thing that we place onto our motorcycle has a great effect on the tour riding.

There’s more travel tips here; preparing motorcycles and vehicles for overlanding

Overall, a good motorcycle adventure can be a combination of stunning scenery, challenging terrain, interesting destinations, good company, comfortable gear, and proper planning. With these elements in place, riders can have a truly memorable and exhilarating experience.