Drive for Ukraine

Transport and fast deliveries from UK for Ukraine;
voluntary transport goes December 2023
initially just my own vehicle and resources, plus raising some funds and help from friends, to do our small part to help.

For help with warming items and kit to take, see: Drive for Ukraine support
it is really greatly appreciated anything you can also help with.
Thank you very much – Steve Hotson

With the Russian occupation and attacks on Ukraine ongoing, my current Motoexplorers time is now focused to try and help people there.

Drive for Ukraine – is my aim to assist with directly driving, aid, awareness and anything we can do to help with transport for aid and the local people.

drive vehicle

There’s an ongoing need for road transport to and within Ukraine

* At present, late November 2023; it appears that there’s large numbers of trucks and vehicles stuck and facing significant delays around the Ukrainian borders. Including hundreds of Ukrainian truckers/ drivers who are stranded by the borders, waiting to return back to Ukraine.

It may be that I can combine delivering some our items to both an official collection point, by the border, as well as provide some items and assistance directly to those stranded drivers, helping them, whilst also getting certain items onto a truck heading the right direction!

After this next drive to Ukraine, I will start to work towards helping with more aspects of future transport needs, both for delivering aid and kit, vehicle / moto related projects, as well as assisting other people and entities who are involved getting things to Ukraine and hopefully eventually with some re-building and re-housing of people who were forced to flee under duress.

I’ll do a fast drive out to Ukraine in; mid Dec 2023, taking lighter, more urgent items, some packages and warming things for Ukrainians from here in UK – I can help deliver fast to Ukraine.

Items we can all help donate and send there quickly;

  • warm clothing, hats, gloves, warm socks
  • waterproofs, coats, trousers
  • Boots, sturdy shoes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Candles, matches, torches (as power goes off, it’s essential)
  • any light more specialised items (tbc) space permitting.

    December 2023 – If it’s viable to get over the border, I can provide some local car transport, from either LVIV, or the Poland/Slovakia border regions; also plan to help with some direct transport, from western Ukraine / border regions, back to EU, local / Balkans regions.

    To UK if the travel is permitted, (which it should be), especially if there’s already a family member here. I will update these things, as preps get closer.

    RIDE FOR UKRAINE – Also aiming to do some motorbike despatch / aid ride, May-June 2024 – if anyone is interested, get in touch. They’ll be some basic route notes and suggested hotels as we get in region. Other than that, it’s a solo/free-style ride (or join up with 1 or 2 others) keep your costs low, keep it fast and simple. Ride for a good cause, rather than just take a motorbike holiday tour next year, take a bike load of essential gear, drop it off, ride back lighter.
    Contact Steve

Regions and countries covererd to/from Ukraine incuding Slovakia / Poland borders.
Germany, Netherlands, Lux, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, UK (Poland is usually well covered and assisted by locals there already)

map eastern europe

Fast vehicles and transport available through these regions, for urgent aid / or assistance getting civilians out from Ukraine, or borders, to meet family members in these EU countries, (or to re-loacte where assistance has been offered)

If there’s a vehicle / or I am in region myself, I shall try to post it here with the dates and the locations, otherwise get in touch with me, Steve Hotson
If you’d also like to help, get in touch.

As I also look to complete the PressGo book, you will see it has a direct connection to my own family and how my own travels started, as well as the past 15 years of travelling to and through Ukraine. Fast car/van courier format to Ukraine (like how I started in the old days, motorbike couriering.

As motorbikers, we always had an instant connection with the people we met throughout Ukraine. When you pull up at the roadside, as we bikers know – you’re instantly in the community, people connect. So, perhaps we can pay something back of that kinship we always experienced. Ukrainians used lots of motorbikes, we shall see if there’s someway to help, even any riders who’d like to go and show their support, carry some small essential items, it should all be helpful.

For help with warm clothing and items to take, see: drive for Ukraine funding support

van driving to ukraine