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The flexible freespirited MotoExplorer wayto explore eastern Europe.
travel anytime on your own schedule – at your own pace.

Exciting motoring routes – well paced with time for rest stops and exploring the regions.
Driving or riding, an eastern European road trip will be a stimulating adventure, full of intrigue and discovery.

Overland moto adventures

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touring eastern Europe

UK to Budapest, sharing my personal experiences

Why visit Budapest? what is there to see and do?

The city is divided into two parts by the Danube River, with Buda on the west bank and Pest on the east bank.

budapest hungary travel photo
Eastern Europe motorcycling – with relaxing city time in Budapest

Routes and itinery example – drive / ride / motor touring to eastern Europe

Day 1,2, Start with some fabulous riding, by the Eifel and Mosel regions and then the Romantic Road through central Germany. (arrive there earlier if you prefer)
Day 3 & 4 takes you through Czechia, with a relaxing day off the bike right in the heart of central Europe. Days 5 & 6, time to explore the Slovakian Tatra mountains.
Days 7,8,9, * Budapest (there’s an option to complete here & continue your own ways, Romania etc)
Days, 10, Ride alongside the Danube river, (far nicer than the congested Balaton region) we can visit the lovely town of Esztergom and then take lunch by the river.
Days 11,12, Fabulous mountain riding routes across the Austrian Alps and Tirol
Day 13, Black Forest Germany to the edge of Luxembourg
Day 14, The final days riding will take you back to your own port of preference, unless of-course you like to stay longer on the continent.

To travel further east, through the Balkans; I can help co-ordinate some custom tour services, helping you to gather a ride group and prepare to travel the Balkans and Silk Road as far as the Stans China & Thailand.

motorcycling road to mountains

Budapest heros square
Heros square Budapest
motorbike riding across mountains
Flexible at your own pace
motoexplorer silk road
Motoexplorer Steve Hotson

Moto touring to Romania and Eastern Europe

European regions I cover include, from UK, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Balkans.

Romania & Slovakia

The whole region is absolutely fantastic motorcycling. The Slovakian Tatra mountains are stunning, vast forests, quiet roads, real eastern european adventure, with great facilities – makes a perfect tranquil base with easy reach to ride up to Poland or a return loop via Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy etc.

Carpathian Mountains Slovakia to Romania
This whole mountain region makes a fantastic road trip, even better by motorcycle!
Although 50% of the range stretches through Romania, the other regions are equally beautiful and appealling. The complete range goes almost 1500km between the edges of Czechia and Austria to Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. (some fabulous places there which I hope we can also return to someday soon)

The route between Slovakia & Budapest – Paris of the East & a gateway into the Balkans, is a fabulous varied days riding including mountains and twisty flat-lands.

Budapest tourism
Explore Budapest – the Paris of the east

It’s all about the journey – travelling more independently enables you to set your own pace and plot out any local sights or deviations that you’d like to explore yourself.

The route between Slovakia and Budapest is amongst Europes best motorcycling routes

Budapest – the Paris of the east
Relaxing spas, great food, culture – makes a perfect moto destination
motorcycle road touring

no need to stay on a set structure, or ride in convoys

Simply come and go as you please – true MotoExplorer style
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Motorcycle touring support

Steve Hotson – overlander & photographer
Sharing my passion to help inspire other moto-travellers explore these fabulous regions.

It’s a nice way to share my overlanding experiences and hopefully the new PressGo book will also find it’s own way to help you explore and discover more things, places, people, and adventures yourself. It includes everything I learned from travelling over a million miles overland.

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