MotoExplorer has travelled and organised motorcycle expeditions to and through eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China, since 2009.

We first explored through the Balkans, east Europe and Africa, from 1989. China became our focus and specialisation from 2008/9. We understand the procedures because we do it all ourselves, it’s our passion! You can discuss your own motorcycle adventures with me, plan routes and overland expedition requirements, directly with me here in the UK, or our travel partners in Europe, China and Thailand.

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I am often asked if it is possible to take motorcycles across the border into China, or is it possible to put the bike on a truck and then start riding once you’ve crossed into China?  Whilst freedom to ride around the World is something as motorcyclists we all dream of, many Countries including China have their own unique rules and laws to govern how we must comply to cross their borders with our foreign owned vehicles and motorcycles.

China is amongst the strictest Countries when it comes to access for foreign registered motorcycles. Although once you’ve passed their frontier and started riding inland, you’ll soon be travelling un-hindered, like a local! Chinese motoring comes in all shapes and sizes! generally there’s not a lot of respect to western style codes of the highway!  The best approach is to ride like a local and focus on making progress with the natural flow of traffic.   Although at time it might not be apparent, they do have traffic rules and a highway code in China! Even odd English road signs!  
Travelling overland through you will experience almost every type of creative traffic motion you’ve ever experienced, including some strange luggage carrying techniques!

The UK Experts for overland China – riding UK to China since 2009

Scouting, exploring, inspiring and sharing – we support the true spirit of adventure motorcycling Ride freely at your own pace, paying fair local prices, enjoy the support of a ride team & professional, experienced local guides and fixers, without over pampering, or over-charging! 
We first rode overland China in 2009, on a mission to scout out the MotoExplorers expeditions, riding across Country to Beijing, West to Eastern China. There has always been a lengthy process to follow, which does tend to fluctuate year to year, just to add to the challenges!  The bottom line is; you need to co-work your travel plans, with local licensed Chinese travel agents, government approved tour operators who hold the correct qualifications and operators license. 

With over 11 years experience of organising the MotoExplorers China Expeditions; we have built excellent relationships with our Chinese partners, having worked with reliable Chinese motorcycle tour agents since 2009.  Our Chinese travel partners are familiar with the correct procedures and are well connected with additional ‘local contacts’, in the western Xinjiang province, which is the best border for western travellers to enter China from.