The Moto exploring adventures evolved from the quest to trace my families origins back in Budapest. It’s an intriguing adventure, which unfolds in the new PressGo book.

Eastern European adventures evolved ever further east, eventually stretching right through to the far eastern shores.

Steve Hotson: Overland Motoexplorer, since 1989
even earlier: by classic car & on foot!
Motor exploring miles covered in vehicles: 1,000,000 + still adding.
Started exploring: officially by moto age 17

Photographer & moto explorer

I’ve spent the last decade exploring and photographing along the Silk Road. I’m now dedicating more time sharing my experiences.


From 2020 whilst in lockdown, I finally get time to start editing photographs and writing up some of the spontaneous combustions from the roads. Writing and exploring some new formats for publishing the work are in progress during 2022.

Regarding Ukraine

The current world turmoil is deeply upsetting for us all. For Ukrainians it is beyond belief.
It’s a country through which I have covered many miles in all directions, often travlleing the width between both borders, west and east. I have experience travelling with the wonderful Ukrainian people, plus in all honesty – the ordinary everyday Russians have also been good to me. Prior to the invasion it was also a relively pleasant and easy country to overland. I will write some more and find ways to also do what I can to help some way in Ukraine, but for now I can just wait and pray for a peacful outcome.

Freeway Crash – chapter 13

As of November 2022, things were running relitively smoothly on lifes freeways. UNTIL – I’d left to much in the hands of an e-freeway, tasked with the safe keeping and re-investment of our USD.
Now, suddenly thrust into a murky world of strange characters hiding behind Apes and pseudonyms like ‘fatman’. Knowing who to trust and more importantly who not to! it appears is even more complex in the meta world, than real world!

So, just as I’d thought the book was almost complete and ready for press, there’s a whole new ‘chapter 13’ thrust upon me; Crash on The Freeway – all looking so crazy, it’s like The Freeway Movie channel, all of its own! hence my current twitters and others have gone a little lets just say ‘espionage’ just lately!.

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