The free-spirited way to see Slovakia and eastern Europe. Slovakia is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, and there are many things to see and do.

Of-course, the best way to see Slovakia, is by riding your own motorcycle from the UK, going via Luxembourg, Germany, Czechia to Slovakia. If you choose to travel with Motoexplorer, I also include spare days to explore the Tatra mountains, cross to Poland, or enjoy some spare time to relax off the bike.

budapest hungary travel photo
continue riding south to explore Budapest

The ride stages from UK – Germany can be flexible, for anyone prefering to travel out at ther own pace and perhaps stay 1 or 2 more nights in Germany, taking a slower pace or exploring the Eifel/Mosel/Rhine regions.
Travelling central Germany to Czech you can go together, using GPS ride notes with waypoints to meet and rest along the way.
Slovakia: suggest staying at a lovely Tatra mountain region hotel, base for 2 or 3 nights, with nice food and good quality accommodation, including swimming pool. Perfectly located to explore the Tatra mountains and fabulous motorcycling roads throughout the region.

motorcycling road to mountains

Best motorcycle touring roads in Eastern Europe

The roads traveling down from Slovakia to Budapest are simply stunning motorcycling routes, with every kind of variation.

From Slovakia, it’s an excelent location to explore much of eastern Europe. A days ride down into Budapest, which makes a perfect city break with masses of eastern culture to explore away from the bike. Your Motoexplorer guide is half Hungarian (top or bottom half, who knows!) and will be happy to help you explore some of the local sights, fabulous spa pools and of-course the famous Hungarian goulash a spendid stew of meat and vegatables, a symbol of the Country!

BMW GS1200 Adventure motorcycle
1/2 Hungarian – 1/2 motorbiker – MotoExplorer does 2 or 4 wheel Adventure

Local drivers also like to travel free-spirited adventure overlanding style, by Skoda. For us thirsty Motoexplorers, we shall carry our own catering, for a hot coffee or water by the roadside.

east european motor car
Skoda Slovakian car eastern european
self catering motoring holidays are also welcomed in the east!
colourful eastern european town
Czechia’s fine architectures you may visit on the road to Slovakia
adventure motorcycles touring
BMW GS riders always love that fabulous road from Slovakia
european road

Slovakia Motorcycle touring adventures

If you would like to discover more about riding motorcycles with me through eastern Europe, as well as exploring further afield to the Balkans, please do get in touch anytime.

MotoExplorers eastern Europe tours

I am happy to help you explore much of eastern Europe. Budapest is my Fathers homeland, so of-course it’s a firm favorite, but also the fabulous Countries which surround Hungary are equally compelling; Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia. There’s so many fantastic motorcycling roads, cultures, fabulous hospitable people, right the way along the Silk Road to China!

My next supported motorcycle tour to Slovakia and Budapest, Hungary will be in May or Sept 2024.

The Slovakia and Budapest routes also form part of a 10 Country – 2 week motorcycle tour.

Steve Hotson – Motoexplorer

Contact me – to get more details and discuss riding in eastern Europe, anytime

If you would like to explore more of Slovakia, perhaps taking longer in the Country, organising your own motorcycle tour or road trip, here are some of the nice things to do and see in Slovakia:

Bratislava – The capital of Slovakia is a beautiful city with a historic old town and many attractions, including the Bratislava Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral, and the Danube promenade.

High Tatras – This mountain range in northern Slovakia is a popular destination for hiking and skiing, with stunning views and beautiful nature.

Spiš Castle – This medieval castle is one of the largest in Central Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the eastern part of Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle – This beautiful castle, located in the central part of Slovakia, is one of the most visited castles in the country and features a museum, a zoo, and a beautiful park.

Orava Castle – This picturesque castle is located in northern Slovakia, near the Polish border, and is another popular tourist attraction.

Slovak Paradise National Park – This beautiful park, located in eastern Slovakia, offers stunning landscapes, including waterfalls, gorges, and hiking trails.

Spisská Sobota – This charming town, located in eastern Slovakia, features many beautiful historic buildings, including the Church of St. George and the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Červený Kameň Castle – This 13th-century castle, located near Bratislava, is another popular tourist attraction and features beautiful gardens and a museum.

Overall, Slovakia has many beautiful sights and attractions to explore, with a mix of natural beauty, lovely landscapes, historic castles, interesting towns and modern cities with every facility. Good hotels and varied accommodation is also plentiful. You will be warmly welcomed in Slovakia!