New explorer Albania NEXT ride Aug 2024
Independent ride | route notes & GPS co-ordinates | supporting vehicle

Motorcycle from UK – Albania 17 days UK rtn
Perfectly located to visit Corfu or other Greek Islands.

15 days
Price per bike: £1875

Partners / pillions who prefer not to travel so many miles, can also meet us at either Tirana, Albania, or Corfu. Lots of ferry services to Corfu and other Greek Islands.

Support vehicle enables you to travel lighter. Extra back-up carries tools, spare fuel, oil, water.

Outward route
Ride route goes from UK-Dunkerque, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece & beyond (optional!) 8 days travelling up to Albania, +2 days or longer in Albania.

Waypoints, plus flexible days so that we can vary our preferences as we travel, true explorer style.

Return / onward routes
From day 11; you could relax longer in Albania, explore further, or even take the short ferry crossing to Corfu, explore the Island. Ideal for any partners who like the relaxing sun, but prefer not to pillion so far.

The ride is co-ordinated to enable riders to be more flexible and have lower costs on the return stages, exploring further independently or meet at waypoints through Greece, Bulgaria, Romania (the best!) Slovakia, Czech (or chose your own flexible routes) & back by the Rhine & Germany to UK.

Map of the Balkans & Black Sea region shows some of the routes you can explore with me, either after Albania, or on future expedtions into Turkey and the Silk Road.

touring map black sea moto routes
Flexible to explore the region & place your dots on the map around Albania!

Island Motorbike holidays
Fly ride, you ride and partner flys! it’s like win-win 🙂 a motorcycling adventure and relaxing Island holiday combined. From Albania, there are endless onward and return travel options – like how about seeing more of Greece, visit an Island or 2, then take a relaxing ferry over to Italy and continue a shorter ride home via the Italian Lakes and Dolomites / Alps and Austria all within easy reach – you are literally spoilt for choice with great quality hotels and fabulous motorbiking routes.

Motorbike tour to Albania

Motorcycle touring to Albania, rides through eastern Europe and the Balkans, exploring off the beaton track, mountain & coast roads of Albania.

Albania coast road drive
©Google capture
Ride to Albania includes: hotels, route notes, GPS co-ordinates, supporting chase vehicle carries spares, tools, fuel, water, extra supplies


route map, (updating)

The route will go through France quickly into Belgium, then a nice slower pace in Germany, the Black forest and Tirol, Austria, across the Alps into Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, (with plenty of rest and spare days to explore) The return / onward stages can take us riding by Mount Olympus Greece and the majestic stunning Greek coast.

For riders returning to UK/Europe
From the Greek coast, you can use some of my ride notes to continue your tour returning to eastern Europe with a choice of varied routes. The riding gets even better, through the whole length of Romania, (it includes all of the best roads and regions, fabulous moto adventures) then back into the Carpathians, (it’s an option to visit Budapest) go more directly west or take longer in the region, after going through more of the Carpathians up to Slovakia.

You can go further into the Slovakian Tatra mountains. A nice idea is to take 3 more nights to explore this wonderful region, before you head south west, riding back into the sun – Czechia and the Romantic Road through central Germany, finishing alongside the Rhine. The final drive takes us through still more fabulous riding, by the Eifel and Mosel regions, across to a good location outside of Trier, which makes a perfect base to head back towards any port of your choosing.

Or after Albania / Greece – Independent Silk Road explorers might also opt to continue into Istanbul for your first taste of Asia.