Silk Road

Travelling The Silk Road

MotoExplorer has been exploring RTW for over 30 years and more recently ten years travelling the Silk road.


Route1Million – A culmination of the past decade exploring the Silk Road overland between Europe, China, Central and southern Asia.

Once the venturers book is published, travellers will be able to share our experience and contacts to complete the journey at a much lower cost than traditional overland tours.

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Kazakhstan; the Kazakh Steppe is very sparsely populated, with between two and three people per square kilometer. As you drive east across the plains, the population increases just a little!. Kazakh people are friendly and hospitable, especially welcoming to foreign travellers. Often a highlight of our own Silk Road expeditions.

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There is a strong culture of helping fellow travellers and motorists, it’s unlikely you’d be left stranded long before the kindest of a fellow traveller frequented your path! 

MotoExplorers also contributes to this un-writted code, assisting fellow travellers as well as many a local Kazakh motorist, during the years we’ve been travelling through central Asia.


MotoExplorers  Motorcycle Expeditions
“Organised as needs be – flexible as can be”

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MotoExplorers own travel style is really ‘about the journey’ and reflections on the people we meet, landscapes and motorcycling experiences along the way. Just to travel, to keep moving through ever challenging canvasses is stimulating and rewarding in it’s own right.  How it interprets for you as an individual, is really defined by how you choose to travel, explore and what you do along the way.

A taste of China & the Silk Road

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zig-zagging in and out of old & new, (lifestyles and roads!) south through Sichuan province, taking the twisty mountainous routes back west into Yunnan which enables us to include crossing the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to visit the fabulous town of Shangri-la paradise found

“As you ride through the snow-capped mountains and valleys into ever-remoter areas of both west Yunnan Province, Tiger Leaping Gorge one of the deepest gorges with most spectacular sceneries on the planet, as well as absolutely fantastic adventure motorcycling routes leading south towards the jungles of Yunnan Province with it’s amazing tea plantations and elephants!

Central china motorcycle tours

The excitement and anticipation of setting of in new directions each day, on a great overland adventure – by motorcycle.  Fresh cultures, new sights and smells as you explore distant lands.

   Motorcycle tours riding through china

Motorcycle journeys for riders who wish to explore places that few people get to see, whilst benefiting from the security of traveling with a small group of fellow riders.

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Supported China, Laos & Thailand stages
Inc: hotels, supporting guides, local fixers, route notes, overland permits
and supporting vehicles on the whole expedition.


After riding your own motorcycle alongside the Great Wall of China you will turn south riding alongside an ever changing scenery and cultures, as you intertwine between old and new China. You will visit the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo. Established in 1709, Labrang is considered the cultural heart of Amdo Tibetan culture along with nearby town of Rebkong. We will spend a day to explore this fascinating place.
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After a good rest day head south into the Tibetan Kham region, travelling on the high plateau where we will encounter nomads and their cattle.
You will actually ride past the Yellow River and reach Hong Yuan County for an overnight stay.
We leave the plateau and will be riding to the gorges of the Yajiang river, this is a scenic day of riding over mountains and gorges and you will notice a change of houses and landscapes. Spend a night in a traditional Tibet guesthouse.

Another beautiful day of riding will take you past small temples and beautiful Tibetan villages dotted with white stupas and shrines. We start climbing up after leaving Yajiang river, we will ride over two big mountains today into the the heartland of the Kham region. Roads are beautifully built and the views are getting nicer and nicer as we travel through Haizishan mountain. We follow the Dingqu river valley and ride south to Shangri la, The sceneries just don’t end while we ride south. You’ll ride over the watershed of the Yangtse river and reach ShangriLa in later afternoon.

buddhist temple in China Tibet

We will ride on probably the most memorable road of all, the one that takes us through Tiger Leaping Gorge.
This fantastic road follows a contour line along the third-deepest Gorge in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge is formed by the fierce and young (at this point) Yangtze River, which slices a path through towering, snow-clad mountains.
It’s Impossible not to jump off of your bike every few minutes to snap a few pics. This could be the No1 road in Asia for sure. Your destination tonight, is the third and final UNESCO World Heritage Site we visit. It is amongst the most popular destinations in China, even surpassing Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. Lijiang is a great place to meet and mix with the local population in this charming Old Town with its maze of cobbled streets, canals, and stone bridges that date from the Ming Dynasty. You are free to explore this ancient city at your leisure
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We wind our way through the formidable mountains that form the border between Burma and China and which also hem in the western side of the Mekong River valley. We are so close to Burma that most of the highway signs have Burmese writing on them alongside the Mandarin.

This is one of the most fun routes you will ever have the pleasure to experience. Nearly six hours of motorcycle bliss, the Ancient Tea-House Road. In some places we can actually see the old paving stones poking through the earth.
In the morning we cross the Tropic of Cancer and the weather starts heating up.

More fantastic adventure motorcycling routes leading south towards the jungles of Yunnan Province with it’s amazing tea plantations and elephants! We continue to the China-Lao border at Mohan, fuel up and we will do the border crossing formalities ( About 1 hour) , And you say goodbye to China and the Crew. Sabaidee Laos

Laos & Thailand Stage to Bangkok

Adventure motorcycle 1200 Tenere Yamaha on tour
Adventure Yamaha Tenere 1200 in Laos

Motorcycle freight from Thailand, we work with reliable freight agents in Bangkok and help liaise with all aspects of the shipping bikes back to UK, or onwards anywhere in the World. 

Sea Freight  from Bangkok

Motorcycle Freight available to other Worldwide destinations, from Bangkok.
Contact us for quotes
i.e. Bangkok to Perth, Australia is aprox $900 or BK to Auckland, New Zealand: $800
We can ship bikes Worldwide from Bangkok

The photo-gallery below gives you just a taste of more sights and sounds along the Silk Road