Silk Road

Silk road motorcycle route

MotoExplorer has been travelling the Silk road for over 10 years & each journey’s a new adventure for different reasons.
What’s to see? why go? Just how ancient and cultural is the Silk Road?
If you want to go see some ancient temples, Incredible variety of culture & lifestyles, Buddhist monasteries and get a flavour of the Silk Road trading posts, all along some fabulous motorcycling routes,
then a motorcycle tour of the China silk Road is going to tick some boxes for you.

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moto support truck on china silk road

My own opinion is that the ‘ancient Silk Road’ has long gone and the modern day reality is that it’s really an adventurous route linking East to West which takes you on a journey into ‘Today’s Asia’ through which you’ll experience how people are living their lives along this ancient trading route, ‘today’.

silk road china

My own travel style is really ‘about the journey’ and reflections on the people we meet, landscapes and motorcycling experiences along the way. Just to travel, to keep moving through ever challenging canvasses is stimulating and rewarding in it’s own right.  How it interprets for you as an individual, is really defined by how you choose to travel, explore and what you do along the way.

The Silk route was after all a set of ‘trading routes’ along which people bought, sold and transported goods to fulfil their intrinsic desires to own or consume a variety of merchandise.  If you choose to make a journey with me, I will assist you ‘getting onto the Silk-Road routes’ and travelling east towards ‘The Stans’ & China.

The photo-gallery below gives you just a taste of the sights and sounds I’ve stopped to appreciate along the Silk Road
Start exploring the Silk Road by motorcycle
2 or 3 weeks motorcycling East – all nice quality hotels
& travel with our fully equipped MotoExplorers Support vehicle