Ride your motorcycle to The Great Wall of China

“Very few Westerners have ridden their own motorcycles overland through China”

Great Wall China motorcycle tour
Great Wall of China

We make it possible for you to make the journey, on your own motorcycle, start out from anywhere in the World, and ride UK to China, personally supported by Motoexplorer in a relaxed travel style with great quality accommodation,
 paperwork, overland travel permits and all the support you need to safely set out on the Silk Road, riding your own motorcycle to the Great Wall of China. Return bike freight.

Ride your own bike with us UK through Europe to China & Asia
motoexplorers silk road china expeditions

MotoExplorers provides a flexible ride plan and a structure that enables you to relax into the ultimate long distance overland motorcycle journey”.  From the moment you book onto our expedition, you will be personally guided through every step of the preparationssupporting you to make the journey in a relaxed flexible way, that suits your own travel style. 

Ride Bishkek-Bangkok via China £6995
45 days adventures

Option to travel independent to Bishkek & join us for the ride across to the Torugart pass, 45 days trans-China inclusive, Ride China through Laos & Thailand, to Bangkok, from where Our freight partners can ship bikes anywhere Worldwide.

Just China: Option for independent travellers to cross China with us, 27 days
joining from: Tourugart Pass, 6th Sept
Cost: £5525
Exits to Mohan/Laos border
* this cost option is available for Asian registered motorcycles that do not need the Laos/Thai overland travel permits. For all other nationalities you will also need to travel with our guides for the Laos & Thailand stages which costs £1130 includes local guides, permits & hotels for 12 days.

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MotoExplorer London to Bangkok 2017
China Expedition

Full 70 day Expedition: £11150
to Ride Aug-Sept 2017 & 2018
Join the Ride from any stage location you prefer, as below
* 1 last  places available for 2017 Ride-China

UK to Bangkok via China, Laos Thailand - 2018

Ride joining options
start ride from:
No. of days, inc hotels,
permits, guides & support vehicle
Bike & Rider Price options
Supported Ride & hotels,
through to Bangkok,Thailand
Pillion price options
double rooms
Rest / spare days
INCLUDES:Moto-support truck, guides/ local fixers, permits, hotels/b&b, return freight of bike is available Worldwide; cost £950 + UK clearance £250All hotels inc, b&b (single rooms option available)Double rooms, b&b12 rest / sight seeing days to explore the regions.
Start: 5th Aug UK / Europe to Thailand70 days / hotels & support
Join from: Slovakia66 days / hotels & support£10495£528012
Join from: Ukraine / Kiev63 days / hotels & support£9995£472510
Join from: Russia
i.e. after Moscow
60 days / hotels & support£9500£45758
Join from: Uralsk / Kazakhstan55 days / hotels & support£8750£42258
Join from: Bishkek & China45 days / hotels & support
Bishkek to Bangkok

email for the expedition riders info notes 

Fly-Ride options with Bike hire, from 2 – 4 weeks supported ride through China
If 70 days is too long for you to ride out to China, you can fly to either Bishkek or Kashgar
& ride the China stage, with hire bike, BMW GS650

China Ride stage 30 days with local bike
£6695 – BMW GS650

The hardest part of these expeditions is clicking the ‘yes’ button to give yourself some time out for you! Once you’ve decided to take some time out, ‘off grid’ you will soon start to relax into the journey.  We’ll keep it logical and easy to prepare yourself & your bike, wherever in the World you want to set off from; to Ride UK to China, London to Bangkok, or China to UK. 

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MotoExplorers mission
1. Top quality service for you & your motorcycle = well prepared to ride

2. Great hotels, interesting routes & vehicle support along the way = a flexible travel style,
at your pace

3. Personal, discrete attention = travel with an experienced moto-explorer, who is here to help.
It’s your adventure, we support you along the way to China. We are humble travellers at heart, we don’t shout to the World, we blend in and work in harmony with our riders and the amazing places through which we we travel,
we are their guests.

great wall china motoexplorers tour

Flexible friendly service – It’s your journey – we’re here to support your ride

motorcycle rider adventure tour motoexplorers

70 Days of inclusive Adventure
MotoExplorer includes:  All hotels & Lodgings,
We’ve found some fabulous places for you to stay along the Silk Route, including some nice luxury touches to help you relax after a long days ride, Spa/sauna/pools & great food.

All moto travel permits, customs formalities, customs bonds, Local guides & in Country fixers,
Border formalities/paperwork, all pre-trip guidance & advice, visa-support

Motorcycle guide & assist bike – from Russia onwards
MotoExplorers support truck from UK to China
back up kit, tools, oils, fluids, puncture repair kit, spare tyres, chains, lubes, emergency fuel & water

Emergency vehicle assistance – All Countries
Route notes & GPS way-points, GPS advice, maps & ride directions

motorcycle freight available worldwide, & specialist freight broker services
simply leave the bike with our freight agent in Bangkok who will handle all bike side formalities for you.
Motorcycles can be freighted to UK or to any location, Worldwide. 

MotoExplorer assists: Start your ride from UK or Europe
adventure motorcycle ride to great wall China

Motorcycling across China is only possible with the back up and support of an approved, licensed & experienced supporting guide. Motoexplorer assists with organising the necessary travel permits, Chinese drivers licenses, guides & supporting vehicle to cross each Chinese Province.

You can keep in touch throughout the expedition, most Countries have 90% + mobile phone & internet coverage, most hotels have wi-fi, and once in China you will easily be in contact with your English speaking support guide. We organise a local China sim card for you to easily keep in contact throughout the days rides. (just carry a spare simple mobile phone with you, to accept the standard micro-sim card)


Flexible options you can join any stage from Europe
MotoExplorer support truck to cross Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan to China.

Motorcycle UK to Thailand ride routes


yamaha adventure motorbike rider

Travelling the world by motorcycle, gives you ‘history’ it’s ‘your identity‘  your adventure,
I’m here to assist, as we link all the pieces together, to help you make it happen. I scouted ride routes out to China in 2009, back then Kazakhstan was mainly shrubby fields and long distances of which few people seemed to be writing. I’ve worked with a lot of riders since that first scout ride, each trip has been a different experience, exploring new routes all adds to the adventure.

Each expedition – we incorporate something new, something learned from previous expeditions or fresh inspirations from our good friends along the way. We have explored various routes along the Silk routes, riding to the Great wall of China, at its furtherst western point; The magnificent Fort at the Jiayuguan Pass. We turn south riding along the frontier of China’s history as we start to enter the edges of the Amdo Tibetan region, fantastic riding through the mountains,
visit Tibetan monasteries along the Silk Road.

Motoexplorers Silk road_001 Motoexplorers Silk road_004    Silk road China Motoexplorers Silk road_0036  Motoexplorers Silk road_0041 Motoexplorers Silk road_0042   

 I hope you enjoy some of the imagery from previous expeditions and if it inspires you to want to jump on the bike and go see the Great Wall of China for yourself, ‘fantastic’ – I look forward to helping show you how to get there.Steve Hotson’ photographer & MotoExplorer

 “It’s Your adventure – your pace” 

MotoExplorers Ride to China  – a taste of moto China

MotoExplorer specialises in exploring East Europe to China – supporting small ride groups –
flexible & free-spirited
well paced – long distance overland Adventures.

It’s a challenge! If you’re anything like me; a free-spirited traveller who just loves the sights and smells of being on a motorcycle journey each day, then you’re on the right road!  

Please get in touch for 2017 rider notes

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OffGrid in TashRabat to Torugart Pass China MotoExplorer movie 


5th August 2017: Ride Europe to China

 A taste of China

motorbike riding china

zig-zagging in and out of old & new, (lifestyles and roads!) south through Sichuan province, taking the twisty mountainous routes zig-zagging back west into Yunnan which enables us to include crossing the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to visit the fabulous town of Shangri-la paradise found “As you ride through the snow-capped mountains and valleys into ever-remoter areas of both west Yunnan Province, Tiger Leaping Gorge one of the deepest gorges with most spectacular sceneries on the planet, as well as absolutely fantastic adventure motorcycling routes leading south towards the jungles of Yunnan Province with it’s amazing tea plantations and elephants!

Central china motorcycle tours

The excitement and anticipation of setting of in new directions each day, on a great overland adventure – by motorcycle.  Fresh cultures, new sights and smells as you explore distant lands, just beyond the reach of your average traveller!
Give yourself a challenge & take a few weeks out of the rat-race for yourself. The hardest part is making the decision and structuring your life to enable you to just take a few months out for yourself. Once you start your senses will awaken with the reality of making a physical journey, starting the bike each day and riding forward towards a new place until eventually you find yourself at China!

   Motorcycle tours riding through china

MotoExplorer provides support at all stages of the planning & preparation
to enable free-spirited travellers to explore the World at your own pace.
We’re a small business & proud to remain true to the spirit of independent bike adventures,
helping support fellow bikers make these challenging journeys east & achieve your goal to reach China.

Motorcycle journeys for riders who wish to explore places that few people get to see, whilst benefiting from the security of traveling with a small group of fellow riders. Our routes throughout eastern Europe, Central Asia & across China are all chosen to provide a good balanced adventure which is well within the capabilities of an average rider.

You do not need to be an enduro off-roader to complete the China expedition, participants vary in all age groups and experiences. A balanced approach to travel is by far the most important ability for riding to China. The Trans-Asia ride is mainly road based, with aprox 10% on rougher roads & 10% on unpaved, but usually quite firm ground.

yellow river china

Flexible Ride plans
We provide a flexible travel structure to assist with all aspects of the paperwork & travel formalities, leaving you free to enjoy the motorcycling. You can travel self sufficiently or in a small group We work with local guides & fixers to provide additional support & expertise when needed.

You can join anywhere on-route, for any ride stage, from UK & Europe,
through to the Chinese Torugart border.

MotoExplorers silk road touring routes through mountains

silk road china, Yunnan province

Supported China, Laos & Thailand stages
Inc: hotels, supporting guides, local fixers, route notes, overland permits
and supporting vehicles on the whole expedition.

MotoExplorer – equipped moto-support truck

motorcycle repair russia
MotoExplorers support truck carries spare tyres & service items for you

MotoExplorers Support truck caries all the heavy back up items, taking the weight for you.
Tyres, spare chains, heavier tools & sockets, air-compressor, bike oils, fluids, puncture repairs
& spare bike parts / service items.
(All of which can be difficult to find in the middle of Kazakhstan!)
Extra fuel, for long ride stages, emergency food, water and basic first aid, emergency camp kit.

MotoExplorer support truck is even known to turn up in remote spots and make a ‘fresh brew’ – there’s nothing quite like sitting on the side of a Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan mountain enjoying a fresh coffee!


After riding your own motorcycle alongside the Great Wall of China you will turn south riding alongside an ever changing scenery and cultures, as you intertwine between old and new China. You will visit the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo. Established in 1709, Labrang is considered the cultural heart of Amdo Tibetan culture along with nearby town of Rebkong. We will spend a day to explore this fascinating place.
tibet monk budest china
After a good rest day we head south into the Tibetan Kham region, travelling on the high plateau where we will encounter nomads and their cattles.
You will actually ride past the Yellow River and reach Hong Yuan County for an overnight stay.
We leave the plateau and will be riding to the gorges of the Yajiang river, this is a scenic day of riding over mountains and gorges and you will notice a change of houses and landscapes. We will spend a night in a traditional Tibet guesthouse.

Another bueatiful day of riding will take you past small temples and beautiful Tibetan villages dotted with white stupas and shrines. We start climbing up after leaving Yajiang river, we will ride over two big mountains today into the the heartland of the Kham region. Roads are beautifully built and the views are getting nicer and nicer as we travel through Haizishan mountain. We follow the Dingqu river valley and ride south to Shangri la, The sceneries just don’t end while we ride south. You’ll ride over the watershed of the Yangtse river and reach ShangriLa in later afternoon.

buddhist temple in China Tibet

We will ride on probably the most memorable road of all, the one that takes us through Tiger Leaping Gorge.
This fantastic road follows a contour line along the third-deepest Gorge in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge
 is formed by the fierce and young (at this point) Yangtze River, which slices a path through towering, snow-clad mountains.
It’s Impossible not to jump off of your bike every few minutes to snap a few pics. This could be the No1 road in Asia for sure. Your destination tonight, is the third and final UNESCO World Heritage Site we visit. It is amongst the most popular destinations in China, even surpassing Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. Lijiang is a great place to meet and mix with the local population in this charming Old Town with its maze of cobbled streets, canals, and stone bridges that date from the Ming Dynasty. You are free to explore this ancient city at your leisure
great wall china motoexplorers tour

We wind our way through the formidable mountains that form the border between Burma and China and which also hem in the western side of the Mekong River valley. We are so close to Burma that most of the highway signs have Burmese writing on them alongside the Mandarin.

This is one of the most fun routes you will ever have the pleasure to experience. Nearly six hours of motorcycle bliss, the Ancient Tea-House Road. In some places we can actually see the old paving stones poking through the earth. In the morning we cross the Tropic of Cancer and the weather starts heating up.

More fantastic adventure motorcycling routes leading south towards the jungles of Yunnan Province with it’s amazing tea plantations and elephants! We continue to the China-Lao border at Mohan, fuel up and we will do the border crossing formalities ( About 1 hour) , And you say goodbye to China and the Crew. Sabaidee Laos

Laos & Thailand Stage to Bangkok

Adventure motorcycle 1200 Tenere Yamaha on tour
Adventure Yamaha Tenere 1200 in Laos

Motorcycle freight from Thailand, we work with reliable freight agents in Bangkok and help liaise with all aspects of the shipping bikes back to UK, or onwards anywhere in the World. Everything is flexible and can be fine tuned to support your tour.

Sea Freight  from Bangkok to Felixstowe port UK cost: £1145
includes agents fees, UK deberth, port & customs clearance

Motorcycle Freight available to other Worldwide destinations, from Bangkok.
Contact us for quotes
i.e. Bangkok to Perth, Australia is aprox $900 or BK to Auckland, New Zealand: $800
BK to UK: £1145
(other destination quotes available)

Torugart Pass border to Kashgar China & Laos to Thailand

Exploring China with your own Motorcycle

Riding your own motorcycle to China is an amazing, challenging experience. This motorcycle journey will be different for everyone, some will love certain aspects and some will find them an extra challenge, but at the end of the ride everyone who has made this special journey is rewarded with their own unique memories and an incredible sense of achievement that will stay with you forever & usually unlock a few doors you might not have known existed!

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Supporting independent travellers ride Europe to; Asia , overland China, Laos & Thailand

2018 ride stage options – available soon
NEW 2018 – Shangri-La EXPLORER £12295
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Motorcycling across China is only possible with the back up and support of an approved & experienced guide. Motoexplorer assists with organizing the necessary permits, Chinese drivers licenses, guide & supporting vehicle to cross each Chinese Province.


Please get in touch for detailed 2017 rider notes,
or telephone me to find out more about riding through these amazing parts of the world.
Steve Hotson: +44 (0)7788 101144

MotoExplorers Ride to China You tube – taste of China

+ OffGrid in TashRabat to Torugart Pass China moto movie

China ride routes 
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