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Original Tenere 600 by Yamaha

Iconic Adventure bikes, here's one of those bikes from the 80's that helped start the love of Adventure Bike Riding, (a crazy blast to find the Egyptian Pyramids in my case!)) I'd go so far as to say Adventure bike travel just wouldn't have evolved as passionately as it has,…

Oil advice for expedition motorcycles

Advice for motorcycle oil specifications in hot riding climates Oil type advice, grades and types, comparing mineral oil, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic motorcycle engine oils, for long distance high temperature, extreme motorcycling conditions:  Starting with the best advice we have received from motorcycle manufacturers main agents (in particularly Triumph in UK)…

The Futures electric!

Thoughts ideas wisdoms and observations on exploding engines and electric machines with 2 wheels Guess which motorcycle here is being outlawed by the UK Government?, too dangerous or too hard to tax and regulate?  I'm currently riding an all electric bike that's being banned from sale in UK (mainly because…

Hello MotoExplorers

Welcome to MotoExplorer UK We show our own photography and travel insights from the motorbiking expeditions we've rode from UK to China and Thailand, Journeys which we can now recreate especially for you. My own experience and route scouting has mainly focused on the north Silk routes, through Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan. I much prefer…