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Each adventure from my own spontaneous ventures is covererd in the new book, PressGo

previous businesses may be available for new operators, as I re-focus on writing and some ‘explorer time’.

Overlanding | expedtions

MotoExplorers specialised in overland motorcycle expedtions through eastern Europe and central Asia.
The Motoexplorers web site domains, trading name and all I.P. with routing and contacts may shortely be available for sale. I can also co-work with travel groups & assist any new operators in these areas.

East Europe adventures

A 2 week ride – covering 10 Countries. This was my first passion to combine motorbike adventure with the freedom of a small business.
I hope to return to riding some of these routes from maybe May or September 2023, (these being my preferred times to travel the region – it’s less hot and busy!) Just like the first scouting rides, I will explore some new places, whilst also set a few key way-points – so that some other riders or motor travellers can meet up if you wish; then get in touch. It will be now – like a ‘non commercial venture’! just to Press the Go button again 🙂

landscape venture photograph

Silver – The original global currency


A specialised e-commerce business, with online sales. These web sites may be available for sale soon: |

Business and collectors items are also available for sale. They make an ideal work from home, online business, even part time to help pass some winter blues!
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything.


If you like to see now how I fund these ventures, after the new ‘work from home – post pand’m’mic’ virtual travels! – One of the excellent facilities I use is an FX de-fi platform (they do all the hard work! like invest to profitable linked FX trades) They simply use our GBP or USD $ to lodge a trading buffer – they then invest their own funds, not ours. It works really well; I’ve found it a really great yielding platform for passive income, operated by a highly experienced professional team from the worlds of legal, tech, defi and crypto – with a great philosophy of creating and sharing value and freedom for all.
(not like the old style banksterers!)

IF you might like to find out more, you are welcome to get in touch – (only available to known or vetted clients)