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If you lust for a free-spirited, independent lifestyle, I’m happy to share my own experiences and services;

There’s my new book in progress; Press Go where I share things I discovered ‘when you just Press Go’ and set out, in my case taking me over a million road miles and several businesses.


SilverHubs is my UK based precious metals business, which also incorporates the CoinsUK web site, enabling UK based customers to buy, sell and trade gold and silver bullion, coins and collectables.
There’s some exciting new facilities being developed;

1. SilverHubs private silver coin sales facility – were we aim to help you get a fair price for selling your own silver coinage.

2. Gold-Yield, a facility for precious metals investors, making it a simple process to ensure that you ‘actually do’ have a good opportunity to realise a positve yield on your precious metals. (Can’t expand in to much detail here, whilst these facilities are being developed!) but initally this will be a beta facility for known clients/friends. Basically it solves the 3 key elements that I’ve found PM investors are looking for over the past 15 years; hedging of currency deprecitation using Gold & Silver (clue is in the title!) more to follow, or get in touch. (currently only available to existing / known clients)

Plus – please do not immediately rule out the block-chain defi elements, since much of my own ways of hedging currency risks do incorporate some extremly useful facilities which are evolving within the defi and blockchain spheres.

SilverHubs – facilities are evolving to incorporate all of above/below.

Defi – block-chain – currency

Part of my expediton management tasks over the past 15 years included managing and transacting multiple currencies, both physically cross border and digital FX. I have always had a facination with monetary values and how people interact with currencies in different cultures and countries.

Fast forward Defi 2022 – it’s a logical development for any entity/person/business with varied interests or cross border income generation, currency transfer and wealth preservation, to start exploring the new, efficient ways of conducting business. I share my own journey and exploration of the latest Decentralised finance services, including facilities for storing, transfering and growing various currencies, traditional fiat and Crypto.

Financial freedom & access for all

More recently I have discovered what I consider to be an excellent way to earn a good passive income and help beat the 9-to-5.

especially useful if you like to take to the open road 🙂 explore further >

If you would like to see more about how I help fund my own ventures, after the new ‘work from home’ culture – scroll to bottom of the venture page (then get in touch if you would like to know more) vetted or known clients only, thank you!