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Advice & personal support for motorcycle tours in China

Motoexplorer UK is the sole UK approved travel partners of our own licensed Moto China tour operators, organising varied motorcycle touring schedules within China, as well as offering multiple overland routes and motorcycle tour services within mainland China.  We have our own exclusive services, from our fully licensed and government approved travel agency, based in mainland China. Our agents work exclusively with MotoExplorers for UK and European motorcycle and vehicle overland travel permits into China, covering all major border crossings.  

We can provide you with a direct link and travel advice service for the main trans-China overland routes, using your own foreign registered motorcycles, vehicles, 4×4, camper vans etc.

You can deal directly with our UK office and gain first hand experience from our own China motorcycle expeditions, Asia, UK and Europe.  We can advise on all aspects of your journey through China, to address many of your questions in advance.  Although there are thousands of travel operators inside China, it can be difficult for you to know who is established, who is correctly licensed and government approved, who has the correct experience to handle your tour enquiries for travel in/through China, but most importantly who has the necessary knowledge and experience to work with motorcycles and motor vehicles in China.

MotoExplorer has travelled and organised motorcycle tours to and through China, Asia, Europe over 10 years, and specialised in China since 2009.

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We first explored through the Balkans, east Europe and Africa, from 1989.  China became our focus and specialisation from 2008/9. We understand the procedures because we do it all ourselves, it’s our passion!  You can discuss your China motorcycle tours, routes and overland expedition requirements, directly with us here in the UK, or our travel partners in China and Thailand. We work around the clock to make the communication process easier for you.

MotoExplorers UK has an exclusive operators agreement with our approved, licensed agents in China.

We are experienced with the knowledge of how the overland travel permit and regulations work and are organised from Beijing, we can help in structuring your overland travel and routes through China. Selecting the silk Road sights, hotels or other lodging places which we or our partners have scouted for you, we can assist you as the UK ‘s leading moto operator for 100% specialisation in China travel services and motorcycling expeditions throughout China.  We consider your needs, interest and the way you want to travel, to create unique and special adventures. 

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Main overland border crossings to China

Overland border crossings which MotoExplorer supports for motorcycles & vehicle permits
From/to Mongolia – Erenhot Pass
From/to Kyrgyzstan – Torugart Pass, to Kashgar
From/to Kyrgyzstan – Irkizstan Pass, to Kashgar
From/to Kazakhstan – Korghas Pass, to Xinjiang Province, north
From/to: Laos – Mohan border
From / to Cambodia – Via Laos Mohan border

Restricted access
From/to Vietnam – Hekou Pass

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Personal attention to detail as you prepare to explore China

Sometimes it is nicer to discuss in person, by phone, for personal advice please contact us at +44(0)7788 101144
You may also send an email with your details so we can call back or make an appointment with you.

We very much look forward to hearing from you & to provide you my own closest attention to the details of organising your own unique travel adventures into China.  Steve Hotson, founder & owner,  MotoExplorer UK.

To all clients – we have welcomed form all corners of the world, to share your incredible journeys through China, “Thank You very much” it is always a pleasure to share your experiences.

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