How to transport motorbikes Europe Mongolia China

How to transport motorbikes Europe Mongolia China

I’m often asked if it’s possible to do the China tour in a little less time! Like “ship my bike to the start line”? Well now it’s possible to go some shorter ways to China! drop me a line, or phone for more info

You can send your bike first to Ulaanbaatar then ride to Erenhot China border, in the north China, not so far from the Great Wall. Then ride from North China, to the south – and finally exit to Laos and Thailand, from where we will ship your motorcycle anywhere in the World for you.
This = a shorter ride time for you. see;

Or Freight your motorbike to Bishkek and start the riding from there, it’s easy using our flexible ride stages

China Routes

Then it’s just a 1 way ticket to Paradise! You ride your motorcycle to Thailand, leave it with our reliable freight partners in Bangkok, while you go relax – maybe by the stunning beaches?
We can provide advice for great locations – hire a moto for £16 a day – it’s a great way to travel freely around Thailand, without need for permits or guides, dump the hot leathers & go relax by the Sea after your motorbike Adventures have finished, refresh ready for the next of life’s great journeys.


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