Motorbike tour business advice

 Advice and info for starting a motorbike tour business

Over the years I’ve met quite a few guys looking to set up their own motorbike adventures.

Whilst it’s relatively easy to just gather up a few mates and plot an adventure, if you want to make a living riding your bike to exotic locations here’s a few pointers >

No. 1 : What’s your own unique experience or area of knowledge? 

if you’ve got some experience that you’d like to share with other riders – that’s the best start. Otherwise, you better go get some!

Think undiscovered tracks, secret lodgings with unique experiences, or far way challenges that are just beyond most peoples usual comfort zone to ‘go it alone’ – hence; you’ll be providing a unique service.

No.2 : Provide good valid services like; 

Experience of dealing with far flung borders, gaining access to unique places, local contacts to help riders access hard to reach exciting places, milestones – like ride to the Great Wall of China! or the highest point east, lowest point west – sort of things – us riders always like a challenge!  Bike support – help to make sure riders aren’t going to get lost or stuck up a mountain, freight services – to get there and back.

No 3 : Put it all together into a fun easy to access package

Present the tours and expeditions in all biking avenues, travel events, magazines, online, social media. Develop a user friendly web site which you can easily keep updated and build a good specific Google ranking. 

The good news is that all of the skills needed to run motorcycle touring business can be learned or developed, combining the vast pool of online shared info, real world ride experience and best of all just getting out there leading your first few ride groups.  As long as you’re confident in your own unique way of doing things & tick the boxes to plan and prepare your adventures – you’ll save guys a lot of time and headache trying to make all of their own plans come to life.

Often riders just want someone else to take the strain and responsibility for organising an adventure, collating the required paperwork and forming enough riders together to share the experience. 

What sort of people book longer expeditions or more adventurous World tours?

Contrary to popular belief – nowadays they’re often guys or ladies who are simply looking to ride somewhere unique and different, in a relaxed friendly structure which simply enables them to have a good daily ride plan, good hotels, and some occasional shared company. 

Ages vary, often 40-70 years, (even on the 10 week China rides)
Most riders aren’t looking for challenging off-road terrain (although some specialist off-roaders do go for those type of adventures)  Road based tours usually mean road based bikes, even GS’s with semi road tyres seldom look to venture to far off the beaten tracks!  Provide a good varied ride plan, mixture of great riding, well paced ride days and an easy to follow navigation structure which enables riders to set off at their own time, start / stop when they want to and have the confidence that knowing exactly where their evenings hotel is – thus helping them to get the most out of each days riding time.

I hope that helps anyone looking for a few insights to the Adventure Bike Tours business!  and if anyone out there is looking to get a head start into the industry, my own 20 years of bike travel wisdom and contacts are available to take-over!  see Motorbike business opportunity for-sale
message me here, or click the email contact button.  Good luck with your ride and business plans everyone – there’s a great big world out there for us all to explore together.

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