The Futures electric

The Futures electric

Thoughts ideas wisdoms and observations on exploding engines and electric machines with 2 wheels

Guess which motorcycle here is being outlawed by the UK Government?, too dangerous or too hard to tax and regulate?  I’m currently riding an all electric bike that’s being banned from sale in UK (mainly because it uses a twist grip throttle on an electric bike) The UK Government now insist these functional, economical electric bikes have to be taxed, registered etc. even though it has peddles! it’s tax, government meddling & regulations gone crazy. Amazingly millions of riders in China seem to cope just fine, without their government banning their lovely e-bikes!!  All implications for how we are able to use motorcycles in our cities worldwide and what regulations various governments and city planners will look to enforce, if we leave them un-challenged! ??


So, what does the future hold for electric motorcycles and how will tour riders test these new machines, riding into challenging new horizons?  There’s already some amazing electric motorbikes, in all shapes, sizes, capacities and purposes (mainly Chinese-Japanese) although Germany and USA will also have a flurry of exciting new machines coming to market over the next decade. (educated guess)  I’m not looking to evaluate the pros and cons of various bikes here, I’m more interested in how we’re embracing and using the machines we’re currently being sold (or allowed by European Government officials to buy)? 

electric battery powered motorcycle

What effect will the undoubted increase in electric powered machines have on our ability to ride motorcycles with exploding engines? More importantly, as riders we should start to consider the effects a shift towards autonomous driving will have on motorcyclists! . . .  watch this space,  open the debate soon, before someone sitting in an office decides motorcycles aren;t safe to be on the same roads as computer driven cars and lorries!

Meanwhile, best make the most of our exploding engines on 2 wheels while we still can AND RIDE RIDE RIDE to the end of every road & as many Worldly adventures as you can find, before they’re all reigned in by bureaucrats looking for excuses to pay their own salaries.

More random thoughts for the future of electric motoring coming soon
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