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 MotoExplorers organise a support network of fixers guides & tour agents
along the Silk Road between Thailand – China – UK
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MotoExplorers support and organises all of the required guides, permits, licenses, customs procedures to travel the ancient silk Road by motorcycle.

China Motorcycle Expeditions

Silk Road Routes / destinations: Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – China – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan
We assist riders with all of the travel formalities, paperwork, overland travel permits, local guides and fixers, working with our own in-Country Government licensed tour partners and guides.

Ride UK to China
Motorcycle tour support, August through to September/ October

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BMW GS Adventure motorbikes on silk road tour China
MotoExplorers motorbikes touring silk road China

The Silk Road or Routes was an ancient network of trade routes that were for centuries central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea.

MotoExplorers overland support services
China – UK
Expedition services include
Local guides, travel permits, driver licenses, China-Guides, support vehicles, hotels, customs clearances, bike deposit bonds for China, In-Country fixers, motorcycle support, ride routes, border permits & guides.

Our In-Country support services will assist you along the way.

Return to Europe Overlanders ride options, returning from from China, Torugart border / Kashgar
travelling back westwards from Asia to Europe.

GS Adventure motorbikes riding Silk Road
MotoExplorer Adventure Motorbike Riders Kyrgyzstan


¬© Photographs from MotoExplorer Laos-Thailand ride stages