Silk Overland

Silk Road overland Adventures to Kazakhstan & the border of China.

No Rules, just 1 big eccentric overland ‘ROAD TRIP’ by truck, car, bike or Motorcycle, where everyone looks out for their fellow travellers on a Lap of Kazakhstan.

Silk Overland 2018

silk road moto truck on Silk Rally motorbike expedition

“it’s not a race, it’s an adventure”

The only Silk Road motorbike adventure that includes ride support options, whilst being totally flexible and free-spirited to enjoy at your own pace. 
Journey a lap of Kazakhstan to the border of China, and home.

MotoExplorers supporting vehicle is in region, Aug-Sept.
Dept UK/Europe: 29 July 2018
or free-spiriters start any date

Anyone – any vehicle, any motorcycle, any time, set off from anywhere
A truly challenging adventure – anyone can get involved
adventure motorbikes


2018 Silk Rally - by Car truck bike motorbike

Silk Rally runs free-style any date, or Moto-Assist / support options in: Aug-Sept 2018, or May-June 2019.
Also options to ride through China & Thailand.Assist options only available for motorbikes
& in Aug-Sept only.
costs on moto-assist option includes basic assist / recovery in Kazakhstan. options to also continue through to China & Thailand
option 1.
Freestyle + Moto-assist, our own chase vehicle travels in Aug-Sept each year.
In the event of an incident, secure your bike & we will assist with roadside assist or recovery to either Astana, Aktobe, Almaty or Shymkent.£1950 Motorbikes only, in Aug-Sept 2018, or May-June 2019.Waypoints & lodgings info, travel, (hotels are own cost)Any onward freight or repatriation beyond KZ/Almaty.
option 2.
Rally with hotels, 33 days from UK/EU to China border
Travel with moto-support truck & lodgings to China border & rtn to Almaty.
Dept UK/EU: 29-JULY-2018
Pillion or single rooms: £2495
includes 33 nights lodgings on outward stage & moto support.Return stage & lodgings are flexible/own cost.
option 3.
UK-China + Return stages to Europe.
Moto-Assist, whilst on our official routes in: KZ/Russia/Ukraine.£5995Waypoints & lodgings info, travel, (return hotels are own cost)Return route lodgings are PAYG

Silk Overland 
Variations to suit your own travel desires
Travel a lap of Kazakhstan, independent or up to the Chinese Torugart border & home = The Silk Rally

“Silk Rally – Kazakhstan’s only un-official Moto Rally”!

“Go find yourself in Kazakhstan – just for the fun of it”

KZ Kazakhstan motorbike rally country sticker
“refreshingly different, the size of Europe, with population of just 15m”

Official Start Date: 29 July 2018 (for groups, / moto support)
or set off anytime you choose.
End date: just promise to come back!

Start & finish points at the Kazakhstan western borders
complete lap is 22-25 days

A lap of Kazakhstan is further than it looks! you’d be driving an average 200 miles per day x 22 days: 4400 miles. In reality, some days will be longer distances, meaning you can take a rest along the way!

Start / Finish A. North: Saratov, Russia border to Uralsk KZ

floating bridge, Silk Rally on border to Kazakhstan
Start / Finish B. south: Floating Bridge to Astrakhan, Kazakhstan -Russia border

You can choose which way round you go, starting north or south, go clockwise or anticlockwise and travel a whole lap of Kazakhstan
(optional supported ride, goes anti-clockwise via Aktobe-Aral-Shymkent) 

One of lives great adventures and last remaining remote lands through which Overlanders are truly free to journey 

Choose a short lap –  a full lap – or cut corners & venture off-road at your peril!

Driving & motorbiking a lap of Kazakhstan is good for the soul!! it really is

road sign on the silk Road Rally
Silk Road Rally sign

A full lap of Kazakhstan: 22-25 days would be a Typical Lap pace
aprox 4400 miles / 7000 KM
if there is such a thing as typical tour of Kazakhstan!

15 days is a fast lap! 30 days a steady lap 60 days you probably got lost!
options to ride to Tash Rabat / China border, through Kyrgyzstan which is a totally stunning country
Mountainous, off-grid, with great character, homely lodgings + very 

Short lap: aprox 1200 miles / 2000 KM
Enter at point Russia border A or B & drive a loop via Aktobe (or extend to Astana – further than it looks. This route includes a real mixture of road conditions from bumpy and pot-holed as hell, to too nice and new to be true!

Map routes for the SILK OVERLAND extends to the China border
Khorgas or Torugart Pass

Freedom exploring the fantastic Silk Road towards the Chinese border

BMW GS adventure motorcyclist

1. Paperwork: Take your original registrations document & an IDP (International driving permit)
2. Borders: It’s simple & real easy – That’s another reason we love Kazakhstan, they keep things real simple
3. Visas: Nationals of the UK, Ireland, Iceland and other 42 countries can visit Kazakhstan without visa for up to 30 calendar day
4. Customs: Motors/bikes
: fill a little white slip on the border, that’s it (+ have your photo taken)
5. Insurance $40:
 At tin huts on the border, or sometimes there’s a man in a Lada from town, that’s him!:

Kazakhstan motor insurance border kazak moto insure
Kazakrally Moto insurance sales from a man in a Lada

Registration is now open

Ride – Drive – Bike to Kazakhstan in search of hidden treasures
journey along the Silk Road sharing kindness with strangers.

If you’ve got wheels that roll, you can join us – in search of Kazakhstan & the lost Sea
Mystery, adventures, intrigue & all in the land of no fences and roads that turn to off-roads without barriers!

silk rally kazakhstan

This fabulous Country, the size of Europe – has something for every adventure traveller.
Total freedom to roam, explore, wild camp & travel very cheaply, or plenty of great hotels if you like a few luxuries, hot showers and cooked breakfasts along the way!

Here’s a mission & another good reason to go do it

adventure motorcycles on the silk road rally

Aral The Lost Sea
It’s a story of human interference with nature, it’s effects on the people in the small town
of Aralsk, it’s fishermen now cut off from their boats as the sea that disappeared left their boats
stranded in a desert. “Ships in a desert! how can that be!? you might ask”
Here’s an adventure with a mission you can participate in, your own moto adventure, by any form of wheeled transport, to go see and explore for yourself.

You’ll meet incredible friendly people along the way & have an adventure whilst you’re at it.
As well as getting ‘off the grid’, you’ll be helping bring a little more wealth to the tiny town that’s lost it’s seaside livelihood,
Aralsk – as it proudly tries to regain it’s place.

It all helps; there’s an ever busier little railway station, a returning vibrant market atmosphere, the road’s being re-made – so go discover it for yourself, whilst it still remains one of the worlds last off-grid from Europe travel experiences.

motorbike adventure rider on silk road

MotoExplorers SILK OVERLAND gives you:
* Silk Overland Route map
* Basic routes, some Kazak travel notes (not too many!)
* GPS co-ordinates to help get you around (just a few)
* Fuel, insurance, kit advice, (the basics)
* Fellow Silk Rally travellers, drivers, riders to meet along the way, although you can go anyway you choose! 
take as long as you like, have as much adventure as you can!
* Share stories, photos, experiences on our SILK Overland Facebook group
* A few hotel locations along the way – it’s an Adventure Rally after-all! you can choose to camp for free, upgrade or downgrade just as you like. (lots of hotel/motels/lodgings choice, or easy to wild camp)
* Waypoints in Kazakhstan (that’s a basic lat/long to get you back on track if you’ve veered of-course to Mongolia!)
* Pre RIDE meet-up, share some advice, stories, kit & prep tips.

Unlike the Mongol Rally, we like to keep things more relaxed and free-spirited here! i.e. we’re sure you’re sensible enough to decide for yourself who you’d like to support or benefit on your journey.
Silk Overland benefits
1. No official restrictive sponsorship rules
2. No rules age restrictions
3. Visa free (almost!) you can usually complete the Rally with just 1 visa : Russia
4. Low cost fuel (most of the route fuel is now plentiful & usually costs half EU price!)
5. Totally flexible, in every way
6. Includes some support and advice options (especially useful for motorcycles)
7. Extra supportive for motorbikes, we have certain spares, tyres, emergency supplies in region.
8. No need for expensive flights or complex visas, this is a real Overlanders adventure, there & back. Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan  usually stand out for being the regions ‘most pleasurable overlanding travel experiences + warm friendly locals.
Every journey we support along the silk Road benefits people at home and along the way, as we share kindness and kinship – a firm connection with Silk Overlanders throughout the Silk Road.  Remember – It’s an adventure, not a race! anyone, any vehicle can take part.

Silk Rally – in search of the lost Sea

silk road aral

A short film ‘Aral The Lost Sea”

Kazakhstan is a vast open free spirited land – perfect MotoExplorers terrain

“a rally”!!! well – not a race! more “a free-spirited informal challenge” where you can totally do your own thing,  all low key / low budget, be random and spontaneous!
crazy, risky, adventure, The world needs a bit more of it, just let go of the reigns & see where the stallion leads you!!!
Kazak’s still one of the last ‘free to roam and explore’ frontiers,
a land of free-spirited adventures & if you want to venture further, Kyrgyzstan is also brilliant.
or if you’re really in for a long haul overlanding – you can just keep going to China! 
adventure motorbike rider

 “Silk Road Overland – in search of the Aral Sea”

MotoExplorer provides the structure & inspiration

“go find the lost sea, do a loop, out & back through Europe, anyway you like”

motorbike ride tour

Kazak & Silk Rally enquires contact us 

For those looking to do more of a traditional tour, there’s options; to continue travelling through to China (China requires vehicle permits & guides)
Whereas Kazakhstan is young (visa) free and singly the only remaining Country in the world
with no enemies!

We can also assist sourcing vehicles / Motorbikes in the UK,
secure storage & motorcycle transport to the ‘start line’

motorbike sidecar ural

MotoExplorer also has a supported motorcycle tour stage crossing Kazakhstan to the China border
August-September 2018
World  motorbike adventure

UK to China adventure Silk rally truck

Truck supported expeditions, Exploring ‘The Stans’ to the China border, options:

A/ Ride overland through China to Bangkok Thailand (freight from Bangkok)

B/ Return ride, via Stans, Russia & Ukraine

or C/ Make your own way, anyway! maybe by Georgia, Turkey back to Europe?

 Europe / Russia / Kazakhstan
Drive from London to Bishkek & the Chinese border

I’ve travelled a few loops of this amazing Country, both the north and south silk routes to Tash Rabat / and the China border.  It’s a vast landscape and always a great privilege to travel through Kazakhstan. It’s people are warm and hospitable, especially welcoming to foreign travellers. The Silk Road contains immense layers of history and culture which is constantly evolving – “We love travelling through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan – two incredible Countries for Overlanders.”

moto road Kazakhstan

please get in touch for a chat about the Kazak Rally
 contact Motoexplorer uk   I’d be happy to tell you more

Steve Hotson  +44 (0)7788 101144

 China touring options

    Kazakhstan motorcycles on tour

BMW GS R80 touring in Kazakhstan

Roads & motorcycle riding routes to “The Stans” Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan

Most of the road routes have been recently upgraded, to ‘a road’! and are gradually having asphalt applied in vast quantities, (imported from China!) generally we can now do these routes using 90% asphalt roads, (of some varying descriptions!)
There are of-course plenty of opportunities to explore a bit more off the beaten track, on these adventures.

Like to adventure?  get in touch &  I’d be happy to tell you more
MotoExplorer UK