Paperwork & visas

Paperwork, visa advice, documents & overland moto permits

MotoExplorers can  assist with all aspects of the pre-ride planning, paperwork, travel permits, as well as guiding you through the correct processes for border crossing & customs procedures, including:

  1. Visa advice, letters of invitation for Russia, Kazakhstan (if required) Kyrgyzstan & China
  2. Border formalities, paperwork for temporary importation of foreign registered motorcycles
  3. Customs regulations and customs bonds for China, Laos & Thailand (in Lei of Carnet)
  4. Motorcycle documentation, organising necessary overland travel permits for China, Laos, Thailand
  5. Insurances; what’s required and where/how to obtain third party motorcycle insurance, from Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Laos, Thailand
  6. Freight services and required paperwork, into / to/from; China, Bangkok Thailand, Europe & UK

MotoExplorers will guide you smoothly through the whole process, from start to finish.

Moto tour support guides permits paperwork visas

MotoExplorers have direct first hand experience of all the above noted procedures, organising and supporting our own overland motorcycle expeditions to China since 2009.  We are also familiar with the main motorcycle routes and procedures through Laos and Thailand, as well as the new travel regulations implemented in 2016 which stipulate foreign vehicles must obtain travel permits from a government registered agency, which also requires a strict procedure for complying with the necessary documents and travel procedures prior to entering from overland borders.

Kyrgyzstan road sign on the silk route to China
Kyrgyzstan silk road

MotoExplorers have our own licensed in-Country tour agency partners to assist with all governmental departments, organising the necessary travel permits, traffic police formalities, moto insurances, customs clearances as well as guide and support services as required to transit with foreign registered motorcycles through; China, Laos and Thailand.  We also organise the necessary border transit documentation for Kyrgyzstan.

MotoExplorers  take care of the ride planning, permits & transit paperwork

Once you join onto one of our free-spirited style exploring adventures, we will keep you regularly updated and assist you with everything you need to start and complete your motorcycling adventure with us.

We are also adding more Countries to our partner network, as well as assisting riders to enjoy in-Country motorbike tours & expeditions.

Triumph adventure motorcycles on silk road moto tour

MotoExplorers  Motorcycle Expeditions – As organised as necessary – as Flexible as can be.

We look forward to hearing from you & travelling together,  please get in touch with any questions.