Original Tenere 600 by Yamaha

Original Tenere 600 by Yamaha

Iconic Adventure bikes, here’s one of those bikes from the 80’s that helped start the love of Adventure Bike Riding, (a crazy blast to find the Egyptian Pyramids in my case!)) I’d go so far as to say Adventure bike travel just wouldn’t have evolved as passionately as it has, without those legendary Teneres:) A bike that started the recent adventure overland riding craze for the ‘less ordinary rider’! (or was that Gelände Strafe!?)

‘The Original’ 600 Tenere is a fabulous machine, actually lighter than the current 660 & just as fast and rugged, I (rode the 600, 2-up, fully loaded, camping kit for 2, & thrashed to Egypt and back, no problems) current 660 is just as strong  I’ve travelled with several of them riding the Silk Roads to China and 3 of those have continued on to do RTW rides, including my own Tenere, doing 38000 miles, (almost) trouble free!  With simple, low cost maintenance I’ve seen these Teneres still going strong approaching 100k, that’s one strong 1cylinder bike!!

Great history Yamaha have with these Teneres and long may it continue:) Great to see these older bikes with such immense travel history, what’s yours & where will it lead you!?

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