“OFF GRID”!!! ‘How do we find it’!?

Have you ever tried turning the TV off for a week, a month? a day!!? a year?

Just imagine, no news, no propaganda or government agendas ringing in your ear to dissuade you from making a decision or heaven forbid ‘a risk’ which might help your own self!

While we’re at it, we could turn off; the boss, all the media, the traffic jams, microwaves, daft people, I mean – phone,  whoops I think it actually likes to be called ‘smart’! or even the holy grail – GPFGE:  government public fact gathering enterprise, whoops I meant ‘Facebook’! 

Off-grid? we can try it at home, it’s hard though isn’t it, with all of those temptations just a finger twiddling reach away. OR, you can jump on you motorcycle and ride. Ride anywhere, even better – ride the Silk Road, all the way to Russia, Kazakhstan – ‘whaaaat where’s that!!’  it’s a great big place, lovely, safe, friendly, vast and rich, next door to Europe!  Kyrgyzstan – even better, it has real mountains and few daft people or other distractions!  China – all of the above and more! Laos, even more off-grid – and stunningly beautiful with it. Thailand – you’ve escaped!

Much much more off-grid insights coming soon – for world going (or stay at home read, learn, discovery types) venturers

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