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MotoExplorer already works with some really great local motorbike guides in Europe & Asia,
now we’d like to introduce you to local riders in all corners of the world who’d like to share their passions to ride and explore with you.
Exciting new site – support & promotions
for independent Motorbike Guides offering unique adventures

If you’d like to join register with us for free,
You will be reserved the first places on this exciting new totally FREE TO JOIN riders network.  

* moto-tour operators, commercial services & links to web sites; we just ask you for a small fee, which helps support the site as well as providing this service to help the non-commercial motorbike riders, share their knowledge and experiences.
We all benefit from being fair and open – sharing resources and experiences – that’s what Bikers Do  features for 2018 launch
Guides & local ride hosts can register as: Full time professional  or part time / informal
Offer your ride assist services for a Fee, a donation, or free & just for the fun of it.

The site is open to all Motorbike riders, guides, local ride hosts, overlanders, tour services
everyones welcome

there’s no boring restrictions  

Local Guides – Ride Hosts – Motorbikers

We want to encourage and support all you riders out there with great experiences and stories to share them with fellow MotoExplorers who are searching for extra special places and unique adventures that others haven’t found!

Earn extra income while following your passions to ride, explore & meet new motorbike travellers from around the World.

If you’d like to work as a tour guide, are a motorcycle enthusiast, have social competence and you speak good English, how about setting up and sharing your own moto tour routes to share with other riders

motorbike touring rider
Independent Explorer in Kyrgyzstan

MotorbikeGuides.comsponsored by MotoExplorer UK

Facility to give independent tour guides & experienced riders a platform of their own.
Support for fellow guides, plus an organised structure to provide their services.

Flexible – informal – linking Riders with Guides & Tours

Low cost motorbike trips for everyone

Small friendly Moto ride groups

Ride outs to unique places

Meeting new friends 

World Bike Tours

 Overland with your own bikes & ride groups, or flyride and find local bikes

Ride hosts can assist you with hire & rentals,
loan bikes or join inclusive local tour groups.

A/ Real local guides / form your own ride group or join a set trip

B/ Virtual guides / self guide – some local guides will provide ride notes, maps, self guide advice

We’ll list private guides, local riders & hosts separately from commercial tours & services, so that riders looking to organise their adventures can easily choose. 

Guides can offer either options & more!

FREE TO JOIN – Register with Motorbikeguides it’s free – REALLY FREE!

or if you’re looking for an opportunity to start your own motorcycle tour business
join an established Moto Expedition operator
& work with us to offer your own Moto Exploring expeditions
you can get in touch to join us at MotoExplorers 

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