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Exclusive tour & motorcycle services, for MotoExplorers riders – we want you to have the very best service, motorcycles & kit available.  MotoExplorers can assist with motorcycle sourcing, bike transport & secure storage.
We have negotiated some very special services & offers – exclusive to our riders.

We are often asked, Is it better to ride your own motorcycle, hire or rent a motorcycle for the expeditions?
In our opinion there is no substitute for riding your own motorcycle, as well as the history, peace of mind and shear pleasure – it is also by far the most practical and cost efficient way to do the rides.

Hiring, or ‘renting’ motorcycles – gives you far more un-certainties, potential liabilities as well as ultimately costing you significantly more.  If you are an overseas rider and do not have your own motorcycle in the UK or Europe, there are two good options which many previous expedition participants have used;

  1. Fly your own motorcycle into UK or Europe ahead of the expedition – this is something we can assist with, see below.
  2. Buy a UK registered motorcycle, prepare for the ride, then either ship it home and keep the bike after the trip, or let us ship it back to UK and re-sell it for you – returning the net sale proceeds to you.We can assist with all aspects of your ride preparations 

MotoExplorer is dedicated to make your pre-ride planning run as smoothly as possible. To help you get ready for the big adventures ahead, here’s some extra services we can provide for you,

  1. Bike parts and spare tyres sourcing, and storage pre-expedition, parts sourced at trade prices.
  2. Motorcycle collection, for any in-bound to UK riders, we can organise collecting your bike from freight centres, or any port in the UK,  and hold your bike in secure storage ahead of the expedition.
  3. We can deliver the bike to you, ride ready, any location as you fly into UK to start your tour.
  4. Delivery of your motorcycle & ride kit to any UK airport + airport collection for you, when you fly into Britain ahead of your expedition. 
  5. Return your bike to storage after your tour; we can store for you to return & ride more of UK/Europe, or assist with the resale, or onward freight. 
  6. Source & store: We can source any motorcycle for your tour, return it to UK, or we’ll organise freight transport back to UK, store for you, freight worldwide, or re-sell for you. It’s a much more personal service than hiring bikes to tour; it’s your bike, we kit & prep it for you = more flexibility and freedom for you to tour & explore riding out from Europe.
  7. Hotel-to-Hotel, door to door service: You can have the bike delivered to your hotel.
  8. Maps for the expedition; Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Laos & Thailand – we can provide maps and ride notes for the whole expedition.
  9. Visa advice and pre-ride Letters of Invitation for all Countries as required
  10. GPS, we recommend Garmin Moto GPS units, using Garmin or Open source street maps. We can source and supply all units at trade prices in the UK.


  • MotoExplorers UK – exclusive offers to supply new (or pre-owned) adventure spec motorcycles
    We negotiated special offers, exclusive for our China tour riders. i.e new BMW GS800, GS1200, Honda Africa Twin, KTM, Triumph Tiger 800: all with MotoExplorer discounts.
  • Delivered Ride-Ready, direct to your door, hotel, or airport for you to start the ride to China with us.
  • We carry all the spare parts & tyres in our support truck to China for you.
  • Special expedition offers on : New 2018 and 2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Adventure motorcycles
    Discounts available on new Triumph motorcycles.  
    Any other UK sourced Motorcycles also available, contact us

New Adventure tour Motorcycles – supplied ride ready in UK

Triumph Tiger 800 XCA – in Adventure Spec
Any New Bikes supplied for 

  • We can organise pre-expedition servicing, running in and delivery of the bike to you at any UK address, or airport for your arrival.
  • At the end of the expedition, the bike is yours – we will ship it anywhere in the World for you, or freight it to our own secure storage in UK, where you can re-sell the bike, or store for your next tour. 

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Motorcycle assist and support services in China, Laos and Thailand

  1. Emergency Moto Assist MotoExplorers – in the event of any breakdown or incident, we will organise to transport you and your motorcycle to a safe location (usually our next hotel / city) from where we will support you to locate any further required services.  In many instances, we will be able to assist with a direct repair for the motorcycle, i.e. punctures, general mechanical repairs.
  2. Organise mid-tour servicing for your motorcycle, including; oil changes, fluids, brake pads, chain/sprockets, tyres, if required. 
  3. On tour – emergency fuel, snacks, drinks – MotoExplorers support truck carries all these items, free of charge for you.
  4. Phone / lap top charging points; if you advise us of your phone type, we can carry a spare mains charger and the correct foreign mains electric power point adapter & charger for you. Sourced/supplied and carried in our trucks, free of charge.  
  5. Repair tools, tubes, local repairers; We will assist locating any required services along our routes, (subject to availability in remote regions) If your bike has a mechanical failure in remote regions, we will organise transport to a safe location, assist to find local repairers, and / or assist organising onward transport.
  6. End of tour assistance, from Bangkok MotoExplorers freight & travel partner agents can provide extra assistance to help you continue your journeys in Thailand, recommending hire cars, motos, local hotels etc
    We ensure that your motorcycle is safely packed for transit back to UK, or any destination of your choice.
UK Locate & storage services for Adventure & Expedition motorcyclesLocate any motorcycle to your own specification & price rangeSecure storage, Midlands UKSecure motorcycle storage, Central UKMotorcycle transport services, to/from UK
MotoExplorers, New or pre-rode motorcycles, supplied expedition ready£250 includes negotiating discounts for you on any motorcycle & free storage for 3months ahead of ride.Expedition riders: Overseas registered bikes can store in UK for up to 6 months/year.Reduced cost Storage service for tour riders (UK / European registered bikes)£1.25p / mile (min charge £75)
Freight services into UK, store motorcycles in secure storagecontact us for sea or airfreight into UK, we can collect from any portPort clearance & transport to secure storage in UK.
(charged at net cost rates)
Inc moto luggage & ride kit
Midlands UK, easy access. You can leave bikes from 3-12 months.CCTV monitored, 24hr, secure, vented storage, battery charging for long term storage.We can supply/fit new tyres, batteries, luggage etc, ready for your motorcycle tour from UK.Storage facilities, in UK or Malaysia for our UK-China-Thailand Expedition tour riders.
Ride your tour of Europe and then store motorcycle in UK for future RidesWe can assist sourcing / storing UK or European motorcycles for you.Classic motorcycles, adventure, tour bikes, expedition prep, etcStore your motorcycle securely before, or after your tour.We can collect your motorcycle from any UK or European location, pre/post tour.
Freight bikes to UK, or buy motorcycle in UK, we can collect for you & hold in secure storage for your tour.Buyer assist & store in UKcollection/delivery to any UK port/airport, ready to us

Motoexplorer UK Motorcycle support truckadventure motorcycle tour rider

secure motorcycle storage, Notts, midlands UKmotorcycle tur rider

Anything else you can think of that you might need ?  just ask,  we’re here to help.
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