MotoExplorers partner expeditions – run your own China tour

MotoExplorers partner expeditions – run your own China tour

Join MotoExplorers & VRTW – run your own rides to China

We want to help you enjoy life, ride motorcycles, see new and interesting places, eat strange foods, meet new people, experience different cultures, and do some great motorbike riding in spectacular landscapes. And we would like you to join us, and enjoy it with us!


It’s one of the last great frontier riding adventures remaining, one that hardly anyone will ever do, so how about you?

About MotoExplorers UK
MotoExplorers also assist riders to travel the Silk Road overland from UK-Europe to Thailand, riding through Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Thailand. Motorcycle routes, tours and support services UK to Thailand 

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Routes and travel advice for riding motorcycles through China

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