“Moto Explorers Wanted” 2018 Silk Road

“Moto Explorers Wanted” 2018 Silk Road

Ride your own Motorbike with us to The Great Wall of China

MotoExplorers are looking for applicants to join us exploring some exciting new routes along the historical Silk Road in 2018.
Search out the places you’d like to explore and discover how this mystical road has changed over the last century!

Motoexplorer has limited places, to join us on a reduced cost, exploring ride in 2018, whereby you can travel in total freedom at your own pace, riding up to China using our pre-scouted ride notes which you can then custom tune to suit your own ride style, routes and preferred schedule.

Join your fellow scout team from the Torugart Pass, China border, with 2 exciting options to ride either; Kashgar to Bangkok, Thailand, OR Torugart Pass to Shanghai, from where we can ship your motorcycle back to any destination, Worldwide.

2018 China ride details

Apply here, fast!

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