Mongolia & China to Thailand

2017 Riders can join us on one of the ride stages through Kazakhstan, sharing our advice and support services through to Bishkek or Almaty, from where you can continue on your own adventure to Mongolia.

Or freight your bike into Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia & ride down to

Erenhot China border

join MotoExplorer ride stages to cross China
33 Days total ride
China to Laos & Bangkok Thailand

Ride through China: 21 days north to south China + 12 days Laos to Thailand.

> start at Erenhot Mongolia – China border: 
to Bangkok Thailand: < Finish

Mongolia moto touring overland options
A/ Ride to Mongolia & exit at Erenhot border to China
B/ Freight your bike to Ulaanbaatar then ride to Erenhot border
C/ Ride or freight bikes to Bishkek, or Almaty, join our China ride stages

Motoexplorer UK can assist with motorcycle freight to / from UK, Germany, Europe, Bishkek, Almaty, China, Bangkok:  in all directions > to from, all major transport hubs, Worldwide.

Mongolia to Bangkok via China, Laos Thailand - Sept 2018

Motorbike options (total bikes doing the stage from Erenhot, Mongolia)Tour = 33 DaysSupported Ride, all permits, guides, support van & lodgingsPillion / shares twin room
Flexible options to ride your own motorcycle through Chinareturn sea freight Bangkok to UKBike freight to UK £1200
Europe: £1450
bikes can be freighted to any location, Worldwide
Erenhot, MONGOLIA-CHINA border, RIDE 33 Days to Bangkok.China 21 days & 12 days Laos to Thailand: 33 Days total
Start from Ulaanbaatar
Cost per motorbike
Shares twin room
1 x Motorbike & ridercost £89951 bike / rider, £8995£975
2 x Motorbike & ridercost £69952 bikes on tour, share twin room £6995£975
3 x Motorbike & ridercost £65953 bikes in tour: £6595£975
4 x Motorbike & ridercost £59954 bikes travelling: £5995£975
Moto-support van, guide/ fixer, hotels/lodgings b&b, moto permitsAll hotels inc, b&b for 33days. (single rooms avail on request)Twin rooms, b&b

2018 We have international ride groups preparing to Ride motorcycles through China – in September 2018
Mongolia riders can also join our China stage, by riding out from Mongolia to Bishkek to join up in 2018, Bishkek to Bangkok stages.

MotoExplorer support truck will be supporting worldwide riders, travelling from UK / Europe through Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
Motorcycle support ride stages UK to Bishkek & China border
Riders can join for any stage.

Europe – China – Thailand options

24 July 2018 Ride: UK China Thailand

Ride joining options
start ride from:
No. of days, inc hotels,
permits, guides, fixers, return bike freight
Join from options: Bike & Rider Price options
Supported Ride & hotels,
through to Bk, Thailand
Pillion price options
double rooms
Rest / spare days
INCLUDES:Moto-support, guides & local fixers, all permits, hotels/b&b, return bike freight to UK, (we can also ship Worldwide from Bangkok).All hotels inc, b&b (single rooms option available)
Return sea freight included
Double rooms, b&b12 rest / sight seeing days to explore the regions.
Start: 24th July 2018 UK Europe to Thailand70 days ride & hotels
Join from: Russia
i.e. after Moscow
60 days ride & hotels£11000£50008
Join from: Bishkek & China50 days ride & hotels
Bishkek to Bangkok

More options:  Riders returning from Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, China etc
Can join our equipped moto support truck, travelling back from China to Europe,
September 2018.