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“Wow What a Country” As you approach Kyrgyzstan riding east from Kazakhstan you see the nomadic flatlands become centre-staged by a beautiful glimmering skyline in the distance. That’s the Tien-Shan mountains which border Kyrgyzstan & China and through which you’ll pick your way along ancient Silk routes travelled for over 2,000 years as a trading route linking East to West.

Tian-Shan-mounatains China-Kyrgyzsatn
Tian-Shan-mounatains China-Kyrgyzsatn

Highest peak here is over 7,000 metres, but you’ll not be going that high on 2 wheels!  Tash Rabat is a well-preserved 15th century stone caravanserai in Naryn Province, sits at 3200 metres and is high enough to feel a ‘fresh’ on an August night, as temperatures can still reach close to freezing.

Trumph Moto Explorer motorcycle touring with MotoExplorers in show Yurt camp
Tash Rabat August 2009 (it isn’t always this cold!)
yurts bosi camp at Tash Rabat
Tash Rabat Yurt camp

Kyrgyzstan is the ‘Gem of the Stans’  There’s no better way that to go explore, by Motorcycle.

The ‘Cross-Road of the Silk Road’

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I’m running more Exploring motorcycle tours through Kyrgyzstan in 2018, having travelled through Kyrgyzstan several times, I’ve got a ‘feel for the place’ but it’s such a diverse magnificent place, as outsiders – we’ll only ever scratch the surface, but ‘wow what a surface’ These places are vast, varied, beautiful, proud, hard, fresh joyful terrain to Explore by Motorcycle.