Kinesis – change & motion

Payment systems that offer good value & gold or Silver linked payment systems

Here at MotoExplorers we share a strong desire to offer fellow World travelers alternative payment and money transfer facilities which facilaite the safe storage and transfer on money. Here’s some innovative companies and international payment transfer facilities which look very interesting and appealing to us.

Kinesis Money

An exciting looking new entity to the Gold & Cryptocurrency space, which once launched promises to revolutionise many of the current forms we consider money and how we transact, save and invest what we commonly think of as ‘money’! 
You can follow our Kinesis Money link – to get all of the in-depth information you require to evaluate their gold linked money proposals. 
Businesses or corporate enquires follow this Kinesis Link

key stage 1:  
First they are offering a new ICO which does look to have some interesting features, offering a potential ongoing yield, which would be generated by the ‘motion’ or Kenetic like qualities of their new Gold and Silver backed payment systems.  *Like any initial offering, you have a chance to be first to the party and get a good early deal, or the flip side of being first to the party – you’re first to trial the produce and the associated risk that it might not turn out to meet your expectations!

Key stage 2:
Once their Kenesis kinetic charged gold money systems go live (not guaranteed, i.e. it’s never live until it’s live!) But if they fulfil their mission statements, it does have some really great features, which as users of international money transfers and stores of real wealth, I really like;

  • It’s totally precious metals backed, 100% gold and silver bullion, allocated and safe vaulted. 
  • Gold is digitised into a blockchain managed system, to safely buy, sell, store, transfer precious metal
  • Gold can be used to make ordinary real World payments by debit card
  • Gold backed real funds can be transferred safely between people, Worldwide
  • It pays a yield, the more it’s used, the more the gold backed currency gets used, the more yield it generates! It’s kind of looks like the opposite of ‘fiat money’ in that the more that’s created the more value and yield income for it’s original investors/buyers it generates. (Unlike fiat currencies which de-value as governments constantly create more units of $dollar, £pounds, €euros etc – which only increases debt and decreases our old fashioned money’s real worth! (inflation)

Kinesis gold backed Cryptocurrency – link

*As a kinetic money system, all users are said to benefit, the more the gold back currency gets adopted and used, the more yield it is said to generate.
As an affiliated user, I may also gain a yield benefit once the system goes live and I intend to trial using it myself. Do your own research – their white paper is comprehensive.
My own opinion is – once the system goes live, it should become much clearer how much of a global take up there is for using this exciting looking new money system – which may well place a significant extra demand on the physical bullion markets, thereby putting much needed extra pressure on the un-allocated ‘paper gold contracts’ and thus we all hope – creating a much truer gold and silver pricing mechanism.

Here’s those Kinesis money links for you:

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