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Free spirited Motorcycle Adventures – Motorbike expeditions to take you around the World by motorcycle
“Organised as needs be – flexible as can be”

motoexplorers silk road china expeditions

stage 1. > UK to Bishkek – China border
A/ Ride through China or a return route to Europe
B/ Ride or freight bikes to Kashgar China, ride China to UK

The Kazak Rally
‘Kyrgyzstan Explorer & The Big Kazak-Stan’

Motorcycle across Europe, west to East, Russia plus a complete Explorers lap of mighty Kazakhstan., a fabulous Country the size of Europe!  Big Skies, big lands, everything’s bigger in Kazakhstan – it’s like you need to retrain your eyes to see further!

Ride to Kazakhstan – Free spirited moto challenge: KazakRally

  You won’t meet many riders who have experienced such a vast challenging journey of the ‘Stans’. We travel the less risky Countries, i.e avoiding the ‘Afghans’ and opting instead for the north silk routes through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 2 contrasting Countries, both absolutely brilliant places to travel through by motorcycle and beautiful in their own rights.
I’ve travelled a lap of Kazakhstan before, it’s not as hard as your mind might imagine – once you set of you will soon find yourself at the border gate of China!


UK – Europe – London to Kazakhstan, + options to continue riding through China & Thailand

2 Week taste of Russia or 16 Days to Kazakhstan

Europe to China or return ride China to Europe options

Ride Stage optionsNo. of daysPrice £ Bike, rider & hotelsPillion priceNotes
Complete expedition, Total 70 days70 Days Ride: UK to Thailand, or UK TO China & return to Europe£9995 + motorbike Freight from Bangkok£5300 pillion, complete 70 day expedition70 Days Goes UK-China & back, or UK-Thailand
UK & Europe to Bishkek / China border30 days - north Silk Road£3625£2250Ride stage Europe to Bishkek
A/ Return: from Kashgar China to UK. Silk Road south by Georgia & Turkey + Mediterranean 40 days east to West, via Georgia / Turkey to Europe+ option A/ or B/+ option A/ or B/China return Silk road south, Turkey & Mediterranean routes, hotels, Included.
or B/ continue Riding through: China to Thailand & freight bike from Bangkok40 days (options to ride China to Thailand, or China to UK)£6370£3050+ Bike Freight, contact us

Epic World Motorcycle Exploring Adventures

MotoExplorers China expeditions
Full Expedition is: 70 days
start: 5th August > from UK – Europe –  China – Thailand < 12th October finish

30 days from UK to China
40 days from China

options from China
A/ 40 Days to ride back to Europe from Bishkek

B/ 40 days through China, Laos, Thailand to Bangkok

china motorbike rider

supported ride stage from Europe to China

Ride to the China border, continue through China or return to Europe

You can do the ride back to Europe, continue with us, or solo.
Plenty of flexibility, so please get in touch to discuss.
motoexplorers silk road china expeditions

 Silk Road South
China to UK 
2017 – 09 – 05 – 40 Days  
Starts: 5th Sept 2017 Kashgar China

We can assist organising freight of your motorcycle within mainland China, i.e. Asia / Hong-Kong based riders, freight to Kashgar, China to start the 40 day ride stage, China to UK.

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo,
Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, UK

Motorcycles can be freighted to Kunming or Kashgar, China. 
Motorcycles located in Asia, China, Hong-Kong can be freighted to Kashgar (Sept)
You can start the ride from China to UK, from either; Kunming or Kashgar China.

Or we can organise motorcycle freight in China to Kashgar, to start the European ride stages in September
Riding the route, China to UK, West to East: Sept 2017.
Here’s the route line:

MotoExplorers fully equipped moto support truck running out from UK in August, through Russia, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan, with options to join up for certain stages & pay a day rate, for the moto-support.

email for detailed ride notes

2017 UK/Europe London to Bangkok tourUK-China adventure motorcycle tour

Kazakhstan motorcycles on tour

Stans Motorbike support & tour services  –  Kazakhstan tour support | ‘MotoExplore The Stans’

 I can assist with moto support services in ‘The Stans’ as well as the logistics, guides and permits for the Kyrgyzstan & China crossing.  (see the China ride page).

Otherwise, this ‘Stans and back’ ride is for those looking to achieve the ride up to China, whilst avoiding a good chunk of the costs and complexities, with more time and freedom to explore a little more ‘off-Grid’

BMW GS R80 motorcycle scouting tour in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan Moto Explorers

UK, Europe to Bishkek & the China Torugart border
& ride back to UK / Europe

It’s shown as an ‘Explorer trip’ just because it may involve a few un-predicatble adventures, that’s Kazakhstan! – A vast Country which I’ve travelled a few loops of and do know quite well though! both north & south silk routes and on the Explorer rides, you can choose either option.  (return to Europe south route, or options to go solo, on a faster north route)

moto road Kazakhstan

An Epic Riding Adventure – a riding scale not too many have ventured.
Having said that, Kazakhstan is actually a very well civilised Country, it’s the size of Europe with no enemies and plenty of nice hotels now. (eastern style!)

2017 & 2018 Expeditions also have Ride options to join any stage, including Trans-China Tibet & Thailand.
email for detailed 2017 China ride notes, or the 2018 Big Stans Explorer ride stages.

Motorcycle Explorers lap of Kazakhstan to China (& back!)

It’s one of the great last frontier riding adventures remaining, that hardly anyone will ever do, how about you? a complete tour of Kazakhstan to China, experiencing a calmness and scale you just won’t find anywhere else.

Kyrgyzstan Explorer

It’s still a long way from Europe & you’ll need to be adaptable, open minded, tolerant of other cultures & above all, willing to take a little rough with the smooth. we aim to run these trips with a good variety of inclusive lodgings throughout the expedition. Reasonably characterful hotels & motels are quite plentiful in the towns and cities & some of the larger cities usually have very good western standards.

motoexplorer adventure motorcycle rider

Kazakhstan – a Country the size of Europe, wild – open nomadic lifestyle,
vast dry grasslands interspaced by modern cities with all facilities.

Kyrgyzstan Explorer ride stage
(included if you do the full ride out from Europe)

Inclusive: All accommodation, support vehicle, route notes, GPS way-points,
local agents in Country & permits, visa advice, UK support + local guide where required.

silk road motorcycle touring mountain rides

MotoExplorers Vehicle supported
Moto assist includes:
emergency bike recovery, puncture & tyre assist, spare tyres & tubes, chain & sprockets, oils & fluids, spare fuel, emergency food & water, navigation assistance, emergency camp kit, general bike repair tools & kit.

To continue riding through China see: Trans China stage 
China stage starts at: Tash Rabat – Torugart Pass, 5th Sept 2017.

Riding to Kazakhstan-China border | Kyrgyzstan Explorer

It goes without saying is a long endurance type tour & riders must be experienced at riding 300 miles upwards / day, comfortable to high temperatures & accepting to take responsibility for themselves in some remote regions. If you are prepared and accepting of different cultures & environments, you will find these journeys enjoyable, extremely rewarding and well within the capabilities of normal well prepared adventure motorcyclist.

Much of this ride is on normal asphalt surfaces, with occasional rougher loose surfaced roads, or dry grassland fields to the side of the roads.

yurt camp Kyrgyzstan
road to Tash Rabat


email for more details
tel: Steve Hotson 07788-101144

bmw gs touring silk road asia

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