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New work, projects, writing, digital, NFT and photography: all © Steve Hotson / Lephoto & MotoExplorer UK.

Here’s a taste of some new lephoto and moto directions for exploring in 2022. Hint: it’s all things we can do without needing to go quite so far!

New formats and ways of working, creating adventures from the things we already have around us.

There’s an increasing interest in collectable, classics, motoring memorabilia, travel items, exploring new places, unusual design and photography. Overland travel by its very nature lends itself extremely well to appreciating all things Moto and unusual! As explorers we also need to be constantly aware of the interaction of money; varying ways of making payments in foreign currencies. The advent of crypto and NFT’s have created some intriguing change and challenges to explore how these new digital tools can link global trade and travel.

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Certain aspects are being incorporated into the new Route1million ‘Press Go’ book and photography. Media formats have evolved a lot from my days (and many nights) spent in the dark-room, hand printing photographs in chemical baths. For those of you who are interested in collecting worldly treasures, NFT’s and things of intrinsic value; there are some important new links between fungibility, exclusivity and authentication of ownership. NFT, digital currencies, crypto and new payment solutions are creating some exciting new roads for us to explore.

How do we experience anything that’s rare or unique? I guess, if it’s unusual it’s ‘nft-ible!’ > ‘Press Go’ explorers

Lephoto NFT photography

Although I’d qualified and worked professionally in the 90’s’2000’s – the commercial photography aspects took a back seat during demanding expedition days (mainly UK-Asia-China) whilst always collecting imagery, much of which has never been printed or published before. NFT-fotos creates an exciting new photographic era.

Other work has also evolved from my former photography business with lephoto travel and moto photography. Just a small selection is currently being featured here on the site.

What is NFT? and how might it be relevant to travel, writing and photography?

In simple terms an NFT is a Non Fungible Token that represents a value associated with a real world asset. A key feature being the ‘Non Fungible’ which is kind of like the opposite of traditional currencies, which by design are designed to be fungible – dividable, exchangeable for varying units.

A non fungible token, stored in a block chain means that it’s origin and originality is always traceable and can not be manipulated or altered (unlike normal currencies) it is therefore intrinsically more secure; it can’t be mutated into something else, or divided up once it has been created. NFT’s would generally represent something that is rare or scarce, one of a kind. (although there could be varying, multiple ‘different’ versions of something similar. Think like; a red 1980 Moto Guzzi or a repainted version of the exact same model bike.

An NFT enables the buyer to own a digitally stored title to the original item, or the original item could itself be a digital creation, think like – a unique digital photograph, painting or drawing of something unique. The digital created piece would itself be scarce or rare by design. Blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum enables the secure, traceable proof of ownership. Your digital asset is always secure, so long as you don’t loose the keys! What’s more, the digital title to the asset is always traceable and tradable, each transaction, or change of ownership is maintained in the blockchains secure ledger. For scarce or items of limited edition, it makes them easy to authenticate, sought after and hence the potential of increasingly valued appeal. Put another way; the price may well go up amongst collectors!

Lephoto – limited edition photography

Much has evolved in the past dozen years, so now is a great time to reinvigorate some photo passions and create some new rarieties from around the world, potentially available in many exciting new formats, print as well as the all new evolving blockchain NFT’s – which are especially well matched to the Lephoto format.
Lephoto/ NFT and limited edition photography. (updating 2022)

Motos – explorers – nft

Motos: with a passion spanning many years (and miles) like many of us – frustrated by the inability to experience and collect ever enough classic motos and memorabilia, the advent of NFT’s and it’s ability to capture, share and tokenise in a fully authenticated secure blockchain could be just the right time to bring out those moto gems.

NFTMOTOS > Moto projects in progress

NFT’s are making swift progress in the world of motor-collecting. There’s a growing trend and desire for collectors to own parts of unique collections. If you already own a unique or scarce moto or motoring item, there’s an evolving opportunity to create a unique digital version or collection of NFT’s. A series of rare items, events or experiences can make up a desirable collection. NFT’s enable the series and ownership to be authenticated at all stages of their journey, from initial sale through all subsequent resales. I’ll be sharing much more from my own experiences, Moto and lephoto collections in the months ahead.

Meanwhile, I’d be pleased to hear from potential interested moto partners on this exciting opportunity to incorporate Motos with NFT and new digital ways of exploring.

I’m sure they’ll be some great new online facilities for learning more about NFT and making secure blockchain transactions for collectibles. How can we use this new technology specifically focused around the travel and motoring world?


share and monetise your moto passions.
classic british chopper nft motorbike photo

Adventures & Expedtions
Some new formats, evoking past and future challenges? lets Press Go – see where it leads!

More to explore in 2022

MOTOREXPLORERS & Route1million – Collectable moments from far away places. As the book writing and lefoto work evolves, it will be interesting to discuss innovative ways to share some of the rarities from the roads traveled. Just how to format and make these things accessible to more people is all part of the adventures ahead, exploring new roads, Press Go >

openroad explorers
Exploring wide open spaces, land & sea
Oceansea NFT

A Lephoto series of photographic prints & digital NFT art images depicting the calm zen of vast open spaces of land, ocean and sea. Inspired from driving several complete laps of Kazakhstan, by day and night. A country the size of Europe with vistas so vast – you can see the curvature of the earth.

open oceans NFT lefoto photograph | Lephoto NFT series7

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