Europe to Shanghai SILK66

Travel SILK66 by motorcycle

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SILK66 – Explore Shanghai Old Town, Luoyang, Lviv, Xi’an, Shymkent, Bishkek, Dunhuang, Kiev, The Shaolin Temple, The Great Wall of China, Zhangye, The Amdo-Tibetan Region, and many other great cities, sites, medieval towns and villages, on your route from Amsterdam to Shanghai.

As well as some great riding roads and memorable motorbike experiences, we have also included some of the most spectacular and interesting locations in each country. Situated at intervals along this route, you will encounter many levels and layers of modern and historic civilisations, remote, desolated and wind-ravaged deserts, timeless temples, magnificent cities, national parks, pagodas, infamous battle sites, Industrial Heritage sites, and much more…

66 days of action packed Ventures – opportunities to explore, make new friends and business connections along the Silk Belt from Europe to China, or simply enjoy riding your motorcycle off the beaten track!  

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