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USA Expert Dollar saving biker explores America
in search of Americas best value & travel saving experiences, by motorbike.

I’ve travelled over a million miles and discovered a great many talented people, Dollar Saving offers and techniques, plus lots of experts who’d like to share their secrets for helping you get the best value for your $Dollars.

Dollar Saving information, offers and un-biased expert insights.

Our $money saving culture supports fairness, integrity and good old fashioned fair value!
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D$B is on a Great big Dollar Saving mission to help everyone who makes, spends and invests $$$Dollars – find best value USA.

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Dollar $aving Mission

I’m also on the look out to co-work with fellow freelance writers, Finance experts & journalists, customer service professionals,  watchdog agents, overland travellers, news and finance researchers as well as general dollar saving fanatics.

Writers – bloggers – travellers, researchers – designers – techies

Who’s the Dollar $aving Biker? 

Founded by Motoexplorer – Steve Hotson – GB

My role is to help inspire, create and launch the Dollar Saving mission – to help connect value seeking consumers with Dollar value creators, sharing expert insights, contacts and connections.

An international traveller of over a million road miles worldwide who has recognised how different cultures create and share the best value services and products.  

I aim to help empower people to contribute their own valid opinions and research, so that you get un-biased views, opinions and offers – from a wide spectrum of individuals, experts and organisations, giving you the knowledge and contacts you need to make your own expert saving choices.

A Best Dollar Saving community – free to use – open source value sharing – Expert Dollar $avings

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