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Coins UK – assists silver coin traders discover best value trading silver bullion coins.

Silver Bullion

Sharing special prices, knowledge, insights offers and coin trades with fellow collectors.  Below are some example physical prices of UK Silver 999 bullion coins and silver bullion. Private sales & no added tax or costs.

Best UK trade prices – UK Britannia 1oz .999 silver bullion coins 

2016 & 2017 Britannia Prices
Any quantity coins: £17.25  each, payment by Bank or Paypal ff.

Britannia 2016 / 2017 – Full Mint tubes 25 ounces: £429
2015 Britannia 1 oz £18.00 e tubes 25 coins: £449
2014 Britannia 1 oz £19.00 e  tubes of 20 coins: £369

2016 Canada Maple-Leaf 1 oz: Full Mint tubes 25 ounces: £424
2016 Aus Kangaroo 9999 1 oz: Full Mint tubes 25 ounces: £424

Orders can be taken by email or telephone – I can provide you with a secure Paypal payment invoice or details for online bank transfer. 

Postage Orders up to £60 – 1st class recorded delivery: £2
Order of £60-£149 (1kilo) – UK Special delivery: £7.50
Orders of £150-£2500 (1-2kilos) – UK Special delivery: FREE

Always happy to send photos / trade directly – with fellow silver stackers. 

Steve Hotson – Silver Casher
Tel: 07788 101144

SILVER CASHERS – where to cash your physical silver – to money or digital assets


Concept development to assist, encourage and support the use of physical silver in a fast, safe, secure physical and digital environment.

Many holders of physical silver .999 coins and bars, especially private collectors – do not currently have a low cost reliable, fast access to cash their silver bullion, especially in UK & Europe.  Silver Cashers are developing a platform that offers the best mediums to cash physical silver, either into fiat money, or digitally transferable wealth – exploring the use of BlockChain technology.

An original concept for Silver Cashers – was to also provide a medium for owners of physical silver to be able to cash it for goods, services or fiat.

Are currently in concept development discussions with equity and development partners in both North America, Europe and Asia.
For more information and collaboration: contact @  silvercashers .com