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Motorcycle tours to China 2018

motoexplorer riding motorcycle to china 
Motorcycle routes riding along the Silk Road to The Great Wall of China

MotoExplorer  Rides UK – Europe – Silk Road China tour – 2018

London to Bangkok By motorcycle
Total Expedition: 70 days / 11000 miles

Start: 29 July 2018 >UK – Europe
finish: 05 October 2018 > Thailand

“to see China – You Must ride to the heart”
Motoexplorer china tour village

70 days adventure motorbiking 11000 miles

MotoExplorers We have our own in Country guides & fixers + local
support along the Silk road from Russia, Kazakhstan to China

Our In-Country guides & fixers work exclusive for your tour, with MotoExplorers UK
MotoExplorer dedicated Chinese agents & support services

30 days from UK/Europe to China – 5000 miles
40 days through China, Laos, Thailand – 6000 miles

Full China tour 2018 ride details click here

Motorcycle tours riding through china
Joining the Ride from any European location you prefer

Get in touch: email us for more information, booking details, terms & detailed ride notes.

motorbike adventure riders touring stand & China 

Europe stage 1.
Europe to Russia
For independent riders
We provide route notes and accommodation guides.  Route option to cross the stunning Tatra mountains & then include a nice stage through northern Ukraine, via Kiev – all staying well away from the more southern Russian regions, northern Ukraine has some nice vast Countryside, old fashioned (very! – bumpy roads and some great quality hotels.

From Russia you continue east to Saratov before crossing into Kazakhstan, across to a nice large town at Uralsk where we stay in comfort and ‘dust down’ in the cities finest 4* hotel. It’s then a few days of hot riding, across the vast flat plains down to Aral, the town that used to be on the sea but is now in a desert.
Continue south towards the cool mountains of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy this stunning mountainous Country – a ‘bikers paradise’, as well as a nice respite from the heat.

Includes travel permit for the restricted Torugart border region & guide support to the China border,
travel with moto guide, support vehicle & includes all lodgings b&b

silk road motorcycle touring ride through Kyrhyzsan Tan Sian mountains

The mountains suddenly rise up out of the plains as we approach beautiful Kyrgyzstan, the bikers jewel of the trip.  A stunningly beautiful, natural – friendly country,  A real delight to travel through.  Lovely mountain roads, cool air & warm homestead hospitality set amongst proud mountains and incredible lakes.  We track south following the path of the old silk road up to Tash Rabat where an ancient road house still sits amongst the mountains. From there, an exciting short journey alongside the mountains, up to the Tourgart pass and to the China border. 


china tour through tiger leaping gorge

silk road china, Yunnan province

Ride Stage 2.  China to Laos & Thailand
Xingjian, Gansu, Autonomous Tibet regions, Sichuan, Yunnan Provinces
40 days – includes Moto permits for all Provinces.
Accommodation, guides, supporting vehicles,
Chinese driving licence, customs clearances, overland travel permits

From China – we hand over to our English speaking Chinese partner guides & local support vehicle.
The China to Bangkok stages have our local guides to travel & assist you, without watering down your
adventure. Includes all guide costs, travel permits, customs, traffic regs,
customs clearances, all local hotels B&B

motorcycles freighted from Bangkok – any destination
The local agent takes care of all procedures – you just drop the bike at the freight centre.

MotoExplorers Ride route overland through China
buddhist temple in China Tibet

Ride to The Great Wall of China

Full final Routes & schedules are subject to last minute changes, i.e. weather & politics dependent.
Access to all routes can-not be guaranteed, due to adverse weather or political restrictions
We have an alternative route through China if required.


China Sichuan Province motorcycling tour route
China Sichuan Province

Yunnan tour china silk road

Ride Stage 3. 

Laos – Thailand to Bangkok 

 Local supporting guides, fixer & support vehicle from Laos.
includes, hotels, (hotel accommodation
 is all to a high standard throughout Laos & Thailand).
guide, motorbike travel permits, through Laos & Thailand
support van, hotels with Breakfast.

Laos and Thailand now require riders to be issued overland travel permits and to travel with local supporting guides & vehicle.
The guides are there to assist you where needed and organise the necessary travel permissions for us.

Approximate route: 


All nationalities welcome, please get in touch for more info * enquire to join the expedition

We can co-ordinate motorcycle shipping your bike into UK
Collection of your bike from a freight centre & hold in secure storage until you fly over to start your tour.

Flexible join stages from anywhere on-route through Europe.


ride stages
Europe to KZ: is PAYG estimate £1000
Kyrgyzstan-China: inclusive accommodation
includes all hotels, guides, support vehicles, travel permits, Bishkek/China to Thailand
Bike freight options from Bangkok

Adventure motorcycle 1200 Tenere Yamaha on tour
Adventure Yamaha Tenere 1200 in Laos

2018 - China expedition

Ride stageNo. of daysBike & Rider £ Price Pillion price
double rooms
Rest / spare days
INCLUDES: Moto-support, guides & local fixers, all permits, hotels/b&b70 days adventuresTotal: £7750Total: £3275
Double rooms, b&b
12 rest / sight seeing days to explore the regions.
Start: 29th July 2018 UK - Europe31 Days Europe to China BDRPAYG (est £1000-£1500)PAYG, est £7004
KZ-Kyrgyz border (option) or join from Bishkek7 Days£525£3002
China stage27 Days£5525£22505
Laos & Thailand stage12 Days£1200£4751
MotoExplorers co-ordinating fee / person70 days co-ordinating expedition£500£250

yamaha adventure motorbike rider

World riders can also Freight motorcycles to any other locations, after finishing the ride in Bangkok.
Our freight partners in Bangkok will happily provide you with quotes for other destinations.
We can also assist organising freighting your bike over to UK for starting the expedition.

Not included / riders own costs:
visas (China & Russia), ferry, travel insurance,  fuel.
Third party insurances (obtained on borders e.g. Russia, Kazakhstan, China, total aprox $200)
return motorcycle freight (set £1175) & personal flights.
Non UK residents may need an additional visa for Ukraine & Kazakhstan.

Motorcycle Freight available to Worldwide destinations, from Bangkok.
Contact us for quotes

bmw GS adventure motorcycles on tour

Motorbike tours & moto freight from Bangkok Thailand 
 Motorcycle tour options Ride Thailand-Laos-China-Europe-UK

If you are interested in the ride and would like to find out more,
then please contact me and I will be happy to tell you more about the expedition
and these fabulous areas of the world.

Tel: Steve Hotson + 44 (0)7788 101144
Skype available for international riders

See: China Expeditions for more details