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Silk Road Motorcycle touring routes

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2021 rides: start your own group
UK/Germany/ East Europe/ BISHKEK

Overland routes riding along the Silk Road

We’re not currently organising our own travel groups – but can assist independent travellers form and organise your own expeditions and ride groups.


to explore China you must ride to its heart

Great Wall China fort

Europe stage –  Use our ride notes – or vary with your own ride ideas.

We can provide day to day route notes and accommodation guides – you can meet up with other riders anywhere along the route.
 Routes cross the stunning Tatra mountains & then include a great stage through northern Ukraine, via Kiev which has some lovely vast Countryside, old fashioned bumpy roads and great quality low priced hotels.

M MotoExplorers – route crosses the nice northern European regions of Ukraine, or decide your own route and schedule.

From Russia you continue east to Saratov before crossing into Kazakhstan, across to a nice large town at Uralsk where we stay in comfort and cool down in the cities finest 4* hotel. It’s then a few days of hot riding, across the vast flat plains down to Aral, the town that used to be on the sea but is now in a desert.

Ride south towards the cool mountains of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy this stunning mountainous Country – ‘bikers paradise’ and a nice respite from the heat!

Includes travel permit for the restricted Torugart border region & guide support to the China border, travel with moto guide, support vehicle & includes all lodgings b&b

kyrgyzstan on silk road

The mountains suddenly rise up out of the plains as we approach beautiful Kyrgyzstan, the bikers jewel of the trip.  A stunningly beautiful, natural – friendly country,  A real delight to travel through.  Lovely mountain roads, cool air & warm homestead hospitality set amongst proud mountains and incredible lakes.  We track south following the path of the old silk road up to Tash Rabat where an ancient road house still sits amongst the mountains. From there, an exciting short journey alongside the mountains, up to the Tourgart pass and to the China border. 

From China – meet your English speaking Chinese partner guides & local moto support.
The China stages include the necessary local guides to travel & assist you with travel permits, customs, traffic regs, customs clearances, local hotels

MotoExplorers Ride route overland through central China visiting the Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta warriors motoexplorers HD China tour
Terracotta warriors Xian China

2021 – facilitating a trans-China route: Kashgar to Beijing.
West to East China via the Great Wall of China.

Aprox Cost: £3000-£4000 per motorbike & rider or motor vehicle, based on your own group of 6+ bikes

includes all China costs; motorcycle travel permits, customs bonds, support guide/fixer/vehicle, hotels, insurance & Chinese DL.
With experienced co-ordinators based in UK & China – MotoExplorers & RideChina co-ordinate and organise everything you need to ride or drive through mainland China using your own vehicle or motorcycle.

1 fixed guaranteed competitive price per vehicle; fully inclusive for overland China. You get all of the benefits and experience of using MotoExplorers 10 years specialised overland China experience, sharing our exclusive in-country motorbiking agents – paying direct overland China prices to transit west to east China at local prices.

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Silk Road motorcycle touring

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